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A Day in My Community: October 11, 2001

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Letter by Rosalea V. Snow  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Retired Sr high school teacher. Has written 7 one-act plays since retiring. 
Letter by Sally Huggins  Overland Park, Johnson County  Editor "Creative Courseware." Husband works for Aeromotive,In. 
Letter by Sally Jadlow  Overland Park, Johnson County  10/11 prayer. Family life. Works as chaplain for corporations. 
Letter by Sally Maddock  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. School, cross country training. No typical day in her life. 
Letter by Samantha Morrow  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. School, family life. 
Letter by Shane Anonymous  Overland Park, Johnson County  Student Shawnee Mission West 
Letter by Sharon McGhee  Overland Park, Johnson County  Plays cello in "Strolling Strings." Group will go to Europe in summer. 
Letter by Shirley Jean Holland  Overland Park, Johnson County  FCE, Marshall Co to Argentine in 1936 
Letter by Stacy Huggins  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11 in depth. Div of Continuing Ed-KSU grad student. Information Systems Office 
Letter by Stephanie Skahan  Overland Park, Johnson County  Iowa to Prairie Village 1968-2001 
Letter by Susan Wilcox  Overland Park, Johnson County  Stay-at-home mom, book store owner 
Letter by Tine' Hawkins  Overland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Is cooperative and trustworthy. Friends are cool. 
Letter by Virginia Torchia  Overland Park, Johnson County  Nursing Care - Internal Medicine 
Letter by Walter Snow  Overland Park, Johnson County  Anonymously for possible publication 
Letter by Sean Favreau  Prairie Village, Johnson County  John Diemer/Brookwood classes 
Letter by Norma Jean Gould  Prairie Village, Johnson County  FCE, Substitute Elem Teacher-Sh Mission 
Letter by Marie H. Watson  Prairie Village, Johnson County  PV-1968-now, father born in Germany 
Letter by Eleanor V. Eggers  Prairie Village, Johnson County  Worked to save Santa Fe Trail segment 
Letter by Lisa McGahey Veglahn  Prairie Village, Johnson County  Playgroup moms and kids/moved fromD.C. 
Letter by Miss Hattie Hatfield  Prairie Village, Johnson County  Preschool teacher-World Trade Shock 
Letter by Robert Price Hays  Prairie Village, Johnson County  OvPk Optimist, Relative w/cancer 
Letter by Wanda Gray  Prairie Village, Johnson County  Homemaker, no children; husb ret. Engineer 
Letter by Kathryn McIntyre  Prairie Village, Johnson County  AAUW, NY, Husband 's illnesses, organizations 
Letter by Annie Brabson  Prairie Village, Johnson County   
Letter by Patricia Busenbark  Roeland Park, Johnson County  October 11 recount 
Letter by Mary Glenna Johnson  Roeland Park, Johnson County  FCE, KC Toy & Miniature Museum Docent 
Letter by Rachel Marsh  Roeland Park, Johnson County  Shawnee Mission N orth Student 
Letter by Dana Hacker  Roeland Park, Johnson County  Sh Mission North-In Strolling Strings: group to Scotland, Ireland & Wales. 
Letter by Felisa (Murillo) Ruiz  Roeland Park, Johnson County  Initiated march in R.P. for Hispanic Causes. KCMoResident 
Letter by Rebecca Hall  Roeland Park, Johnson County  9/11. Subjects in deth. Mission community. SMN student. 
Letter by Dorothy Reffitt  Roeland Park, Johnson County  FCE. Roeland Park 40 yrs, son quadraplegic 
Letter by Shirley Coupal  Roeland Park, Johnson County  Med Technologist Supv,DAR Centennial Bk 
Letter by Shirley Smith  Roeland Park, Johnson County  FCE, Wal-Mart Shopping in Roeland Park 
Letter by Alyssa Campbell  Roeland Park, Johnson County  Shawnee Mission North Student, Sr 
Letter by Jane Cline  Shawnee, Johnson County  Nurse hemodialysis dept, Black Swan Lake 
Letter by Ashley Samuelson  Shawnee, Johnson County  Typical day in Shawnee 
Letter by Ashley Hutton  Shawnee, Johnson County  Shawnee Mission North 
Letter by Laura Sanders  Shawnee, Johnson County  Middle School 
Letter by Simone Catsimanes  Shawnee, Johnson County  ShMsNorth, Greek Orthodox Church 
Letter by Lauren Peterson  Shawnee, Johnson County  World Trade Center story 
Letter by Lauren Sanders  Shawnee, Johnson County  Middle School, Terrorist hijacking story 
Letter by Leah Wright  Shawnee, Johnson County  Grandfather World War II in France 
Letter by Stephen Heimsoth  Shawnee, Johnson County  Perfect life, then all changed-rare disease 
Letter by Cara Lee Dickerson  Shawnee, Johnson County  MerriamChristian, 54 yrs of marriage 
Letter by Spencer Congrove  Shawnee, Johnson County  Hocker Grove Middle School 
Letter by Opal M. Wylie  Shawnee, Johnson County  Family life-lifetime 
Letter by F. E. Cuppage  Shawnee, Johnson County  Retired physician, trail programs-period attire 
Letter by Ashley Cunningham  Shawnee, Johnson County  Thankful great family & friends after Sept 11 
Letter by Matthew Dickson  Shawnee, Johnson County  Marching band, school yearbook 
Letter by Eugene P. Amos  Shawnee, Johnson County  Amos Family 1857-2001, Funeral Home 
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