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Cemeteries in Kansas, 1906

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County: Woodson

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Cemetery Name County City or Township Acres
Belmont  Woodson  Belmont Township  10 
Daniels  Woodson  Belmont Township 
Kilida  Woodson  Center Township  10 
Graceland  Woodson  Center Township  20 
Pleasant Valley  Woodson  Eminence Township 
Dutro  Woodson  Liberty Township 
Syria  Woodson  Liberty Township 
Cedarvale  Woodson  Neosho Falls Township  10 
Catholic  Woodson  Niosho Falls Township 
Evangelical  Woodson  North Township 
Askren  Woodson  North Township 
Lutheran  Woodson  Owl Creek Township 
Catholic  Woodson  Owl Creek Township  12 
Schaede  Woodson  Owl Creek Township  0.25 
Sheetors  Woodson  Owl Creek Township  0.25 
Prebbernow  Woodson  Owl Creek Township  0.25 
Oliver  Woodson  Perry Township 
Toronto East Side  Woodson  Toronto Township 
Toronto West Side  Woodson  Toronto Township 
Carlisle  Woodson  Toronto Township 

List of cemeteries published in the Transactions of the Kansas State Horticultural Society, vol. XXVIII (1906), pp. 325-377. No names of persons buried are included in the report.

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