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Kansas Counties

Ford County, Kansas

Date Established: February 26, 1867
Date Organized: April 05, 1873
Location: Kansas map showing location of Ford County
County Seat: Dodge City
Origin of Name: In honor of James H. Ford (died 1867), colonel of the Second Colorado Cavalry, which in 1864 was posted along the Kansas/Missouri line to defend against bushwhackers and guerrillas. During the Confederate Gen. Sterling Price's raid through Kansas and Missouri in late 1864, Col. Ford and the 2nd Colorado fought at the battles of the Little Blue, Westport, and Mine Creek. Late in the war, the regiment was largely devoted to escorting supply and wagon trains across Kansas, and occasional skirmishes with Indians. Col. Ford, brevetted as brigadier general, commanded the military District of the Upper Arkansas, in which role he selected a location between two fordable crossings of the Arkansas River for the site of what became Fort Dodge.
Cities & Townships
PlacePopulation (2010 census)
Bloom Township  116 
Bucklin Township  885 
Concord Township  104 
Dodge City (city)  27,340 
Dodge Township  693 
Enterprise Township  882 
Fairview Township  290 
Ford Township  364 
Grandview Township  624 
Pleasant Valley Township  (Defunct)  
Richland Township  888 
Royal Township  207 
Sodville Township  109 
Spearville Township  1,104 
Wheatland Township  151 
Wilburn Township  91 
Total population: 33,848 

Township map of Ford County, 2000
1870 (427)
1880 (3,122)
1890 (5,308)
1900 (5,497)
1910 (11,393)
1920 (14,273)
1930 (20,647)
1940 (17,254)
1950 (19,670)
1960 (20,938)
1970 (22,587)
1980 (24,315)
1990 (27,463)
2000 (32,458)
2010 (33,848)
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