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Amelia Earhart Timeline

  • 1897 - Born July 24 in Atchison, Kansas
  • 1915 - Graduated from Hyde Park High School Chicago
  • 1916 - Studied at Ogontz School at Philadelphia
  • 1918 - Worked as nurses' aide under the Canadian Red Cross
  • 1919 - Enrolled in medicine program at Columbia University in New York
  • 1920 - Left college, joined her parents in Los Angeles, and trained for aviation at Rogers Airport. After 10 hours instruction, she made her first solo flight. During this time she worked in a telephone office, worked photograph studio, and did trucking to pay flying expenses. Bought a used airplane.
  • 1926 - Attended Harvard Law School. Took up social service work and was connected with Denison House in Boston. (She was later elected to the Denison board of directors.)
  • 1928 - One of the five incorporators of Denison Aircraft Corporation that established a commercial airport at Squantum, she was invited to join Wilbur Stultz, pilot, and Louis Gordon, mechanic, in a flight across the Atlantic. Took off from the Jeffry Yacht Club moorings of East Boston on June 3. Flew to Newfoundland and took off from Trespassey, June 17, and 20 hours, 40 minutes later landed at Burry Point, Wales. Published memoir 20 Hours and 40 Minutes.
  • 1928 - On July 3 became a member of Boston Zonta Club, classified as a social worker.
  • 1929 - Became vice president of the New York, Philadelphia and Washington Airways Corporation, and president of the Boston chapter of the National Aeronautic Association.
  • 1930 - Served as aviation editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine.
  • 1930 - In May became member of Zonta Club of New York City, with aeronautical classification.
  • 1931 - On February 7 married Publisher George Palmer Putnam. She published The Fun of It.
  • 1932 - From May 20 - 21 flew solo across the Atlantic, the first woman to do so, in 13 hours, 30 minutes—a new trans-Atlantic record. This flight was made from Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, to near Londonderry, Ireland. As a result she was named a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor of France; she was the first woman to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, and she received the gold medal of the National Geographic Society. She made her first autogiro flight, and later made the record altitude flight in this plane.
  • 1935 - In January became the first woman to fly from Hawaii to Oakland. In May she flew non-stop from Mexico City to New York City in 14 hours, 19 minutes.
  • 1936 - Became a traveling faculty member and aeronautics and career adviser at Purdue University.
  • 1937 - In March, accompanied by Fred Noonan, Harry Manning, and Paul Mantz, she started on a flight around the world. Flew from California to Hawaii but crashed on take off in Honolulu. Returning to the United States, she prepared for another attempt on June 1. Shem with Noonan as navigator, flew south from Miami and landed at San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dutch Guiana, Brazil; across the Atlantic to the Red Sea, along the Arabian Coast to India; across India Calcutta, Rangoon, Singapore, Java, Port Darwin, Australia, to Lae, New Guinea. From Lae she took off for Howland Island. The Coast-Guard cutter, Itasca, attempted to establish radio contact with her plane, but because of a difference of frequencies the Itasca radioman was unable to give her bearing. The greatest search party in flight history was sent out, but no trace was ever found of the plane or fliers.Source: The Atchison Globe, Sunday July 21, 1963

Entry: Amelia Earhart Timeline

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