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Exploration Timeline

1541 - Spanish explorer Francisco Vásquez de Coronado arrives in region that would become Kansas in search of gold.

1724 - French trader/explorer Étienne Veniard de Bourgmont travels through northern Kansas.

1739 - Pierre and Paul Mallet lead a party of French traders through Kansas.

1804 - Lewis and Clark expedition passes through northeastern Kansas, part of area then known as Territory of Orleans.

1806 - Zebulon M. Pike's expedition crosses much of Kansas.

1819 - Stephen H. Long's party explores portions of Kansas.

1842 - John C. Fremont, the "Path Finder," travels through northeastern Kansas.

1975 - A 38-foot cross was erected to mark the site where Spanish explorer Francisco Basques de Coronado crossed the Arkansas River in search of fabled cities of gold in 1541.

Entry: Exploration Timeline

Author: Kansas Historical Society

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Date Created: April 2010

Date Modified: October 2015

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