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Kansas State Capitol - Timeline

1862 Capitol complex land donated by Cyrus K. Holliday
1866 Construction on the east wing begins
1869 State offices moved to the new Capitol building from the Old Constitution Hall, now 427-429 Kansas Avenue
1870 Kansas Legislature first meets in unfinished Capitol
1873 East wing finally completed at a cost of more than $400,000
1879 Construction on the west wing begins
1881 Construction of the west wing underway when the Kansas House of Representatives convenes, completed later that year
1882 Four allegorical murals by E. S. Miragoli and Company of St. Louis are installed in the House of Representatives Hall
1883 Work on the north and south wings begins
1885 Construction begins on the central building, workmen dig the 25-foot deep foundation and become concerned about groundwater level
1889 The contract for the roof and dome is let
1890 A crack, caused by settling of the foundation, is repaired
1898 Jerome Fedeli dome murals completed at a cost of $7,600
1902 Four allegorical murals by the firm of Crossman and Sturdy from Chicago replace the controversial Fedeli murals
1903 After 37 years of work the Capitol is officially completed at a cost of $3,200,588.92
1923 Cage elevator is installed in the Capitol
1928 Charles Curtis becomes the Republican candidate for vice president on the south steps
1936 Alfred Landon becomes the Republican candidate for president on the south steps
1937 John Steuart Curry selected to create murals on the second floor
1953 David H. Overmyer begins painting eight murals in the first floor rotunda
1971 Kansas State Capitol listed in the National Register of Historic Places
1976 Two stained glass windows by Patrick McKinney are presented by the Kansas Chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and installed in the second floor south wing
1976 A replica of the Liberty Bell was donated by the Kansas American Legion and Legion Auxiliary as a bicentennial gift
1978 Eight murals by Lumen Martin Winter are installed in the second floor rotunda
1981 Four statues by Peter "Fritz" Felten are placed in the second floor rotunda
1999 Minor remodeling of the House of Representatives Hall completed
2000 Multiyear renovation of the Capitol begins
2002 Ad Astra installed on the Capitol dome

Entry: Kansas State Capitol - Timeline

Author: Kansas Historical Society

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