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William Eugene Stanley

Dates: Between 1899 and 1903

Item Number: 220505

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This photograph shows William Eugene Stanley, 1844-1910. Stanley, a native of Ohio, settles in Jefferson County, Kansas, in 1870 to practice law. He enters public service, in 1871, by serving as the Jefferson County attorney, 1871-1872. A few years later he becomes the Sedgwick County attorney, 1874-1880. In 1880, he makes a political bid for a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives and serves one term as a Republican from the ninety-second district, 1881-1883. Stanley resumes his political career in 1898, when he is elected the fifteenth governor of Kansas. He is also re-elected in 1901 to a second term. During his administration, the Kansas supreme court is increased to seven justices and funds are appropriated to finish the construction on the statehouse. Stanley leaves office on January 12, 1903 to return to private life in Wichita, Kansas, and to practice law. On October 13, 1910, William Eugene Stanley passes away at the age of sixty-six. He is buried at the Highland Cemetery in Wichita, Kansas.

William Eugene Stanley