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Riverside Cottage

Picture of property 901 Spaulding Avenue
Wichita (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 1989-02-23

Architect: W.T. Proudfoot & G.W. Bird
Category: single dwelling

Riverview Apartments

Picture of property 404-408 Back Bay Blvd.
Wichita (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 2002-07-11

Architect: William Schultz
Category: multiple dwelling

Roberts House

Picture of property 235 N Roosevelt
Wichita (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 2008-04-16

Architect: Ulysses Grant Charles
Category: single dwelling

Constructed ca 1909-1910, the Roberts House is nominated for its architecture as a two-and-one-half story, wood frame, Craftsman style building clad in stucco with wood trim. A local Wichita architect, Ulysses Grant Charles, designed the house.

Rock Island Depot

Picture of property 729 East Douglas
Wichita (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 1973-04-23

Architect: Not listed
Category: rail-related

Scottish Rite Temple

Picture of property First and Topeka Avenue
Wichita (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 1972-05-05

Architect: Proudfoot & Bird
Category: clubhouse

Sedgwick County Courthouse (Old)

Picture of property Main and Central
Wichita (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 1971-05-14

Architect: W.R. McPherson
Category: courthouse

Sedgwick County Memorial Hall and Soldiers and Sailors

Picture of property 510 North Main
Wichita (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 1998-11-20

Architect: Not listed
Category: work of art; monument/marker

Sim Park Golf Course Tee Shelters

Picture of property 2020 W. Murdock Street
Wichita (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 2008-04-16

Architect: Unknown/NYA
Category: other
Thematic Nomination: New Deal-era Resources of Kansas

The Sim Park Golf Course Tee Shelters are located in Sim Park, an approximate 181-acre tract situated in a bend on the west side of the Arkansas River between 13th and Central. Specifically, the shelters can be found on the 13th, 15th, and 18th tees of the Sim Park golf course. Before the onset of the Depression, the golf course, clubhouse, and Memorial Entrance to Sim Park had been completed. As the largest park in Wichita's system, Sim Park was the recipient of numerous New Deal planned projects during the 1930s. Their construction is attributed to the National Youth Administration; as such, they are the only recorded extant resources in Wichita built by this New Deal program, which was geared towards the youth of America during the Great Depression. The stone tee shelter structures show the influence of Rustic Park architecture in their design, as evidenced by their stone construction, buttressed base, and exposed rafters and beams.

Smyser House

Picture of property 931 Buffum Ave
Wichita (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 2009-05-21

Architect: Hembree, Charles, F./Builder
Category: single dwelling; transportation
Thematic Nomination: Residential Resources of Wichita, Sedgwick County, KS, 1870-1957

Built in 1919, the Smyser House is a good example of a bungalow residence and also represents the middle-income socio-economic lifestyle of two early nineteenth-century Wichita businessmen. As Wichita prospered after World War I, the land on the banks of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers became highly desirable for new residences. These houses, including 931 Buffum, were typically built in the newly fashionable Craftsman style of architecture. Property owner Ray Popkess chose a modest Craftsman design on a one-story plan and hired Wichita carpenter Charles F. Hembree to build it. The house is named for longtime property owners Lydia Smyser and her son Clyde, a well-known West Side businessman who participated in civic, church, and fraternal affairs.

St. Mark Church

Picture of property 19230 West 29th Street North
Colwich (Sedgwick County)
Listed in National Register 1991-05-01

Architect: Rev. Bernard Drath; Mr. Dumont
Category: religious facility

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