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1880 Out-of-State Census

The non-Kansas federal census listed below are available to patrons in the research room of the Center for Historical Research. The census is on microfilm, except where indicated otherwise. These materials are not available through interlibrary loan. Please see our reference correspondence policy for the reference assistance we are able to provide. We do not make copies from printed census.

Information Contained in the Census

The census entry lists all members of household by name, including age, sex, race or color, marital status, occupation, ability to read and write, state or country of birth, relationship to the head of the household, and birthplace (state or country) of each person's parents. Parents' names were not given unless they were listed in person as members of the household. Also listed: whether the individual was sick or temporarily disabled on the census date, and the reason.

The 1880 census is the first for which Soundex indexes are available. Soundex is a technique for grouping together surnames that sound similar, even if not spelled the same (for example, Turner, Terner, and Trimmer are all coded T-656). (For more information about the Soundex, see the National Archives guide to the Soundex indexing system or the Soundex machine.) The 1880 Soundex only includes families with children under the age of ten.

This guide is arranged alphabetically by state, with Soundex indexes listed after the census schedules for each state. The Kansas Historical Society does not own census indexes or film for every state.

Census Microfilm

Arizona - 1880
Printed index in research room.

  • T-36 Apache, Maricopa, Mohave, Pima, and Pinal (part) Counties
  • T-37 Pinal (part), Yavapai, and Yuma Counties

Colorado - 1880
Printed index in research room.

  • T-92 Larimer, Las Animas, Ouray, Park, Pueblo, Rio Grande, Routt, Saguache, San Juan and Summit (part) Counties

Illinois - 1880

  • T-182 Clay (part), Clinton and Coles (part) Counties
  • T-183 Coles (part), Crawford, and Cumberland (part) Counties
  • T-204 Du Page (part), Edwards, and Edgar (part) Counties
  • T-205 Edgar (part), and Effingham Counties
  • T-215 Jackson (part), Jasper, and Jefferson (part) Counties
  • T-216 Jefferson (part), Jersey, and Jo Daviess (part) Counties
  • T-225 Lawrence (part), Lee and Livingston (part) Counties
  • T-233 Madison County (part)
  • T-234 Madison (part), Marion, and Marshall (part) Counties

Indiana - 1880

  • T-272 Dearborn County (part)
  • T-273 Dearborn (part), Decatur, and De Kalb (part) Counties
  • T-277 Floyd (part) and Fountain (part) Counties
  • T-278 Fountain (part), Franklin, and Fulton (part) Counties
  • T-300 Monroe (part), and Montgomery Counties
  • T-303 Owen (part), and Parke Counties

Iowa - 1880

  • T-325 Adair, Adams, and Allamakee (part) Counties
  • T-326 Allamakee (part), Appanoose, Audubon, and Benton Counties
  • T-327 Benton (part) and Black Hawk (part) Counties
  • T-328 Black Hawk (part), Boone, and Bremer (part) Counties
  • T-329 Bremer (part), Buchanan, Buena Vista, and Butler (part) Counties
  • T-330 Butler (part), Calhoun, Carroll and Cass (part) Counties
  • T-331 Cass (part), Cedar, and Cerro Gordo (part) Counties
  • T-332 Cerro Gordo (part), Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Clarke (part) Counties
  • T-333 Clarke (part), Clay and Clayton Counties
  • T-334 Clinton County
  • T-335 Crawford, Dallas, and Davis (part) Counties
  • T-336 Davis (part), Decatur, and Delaware Counties
  • T-337 Des Moines, Dickinson, and Dubuque (part) Counties
  • T-338 Dubuque (part) and Emmet Counties
  • T-339 Fayette County (part)
  • T-340 Fayette (part), Floyd, Franklin and Fremont (part) Counties
  • T-341 Fremont (part), Greene, and Grundy Counties
  • T-342 Guthrie, Hamilton, Hancock, and Hardin (part) Counties
  • T-343 Hardin (part), Harrison, and Henry (part) Counties
  • T-344 Henry (part), Howard, Humboldt, and Ida (part) Counties
  • T-345 Ida (part), Iowa, and Jackson (part) Counties
  • T-346 Jackson (part), Jasper, and Jefferson (part) Counties
  • T-347 Jefferson (part), and Johnson (part) Counties
  • T-348 Johnson (part), Jones, and Keokuk (part) Counties
  • T-349 Keokuk (part), Kossuth, and Lee (part) Counties
  • T-350 Lee (part) and Louisa Counties
  • T-351 Linn and Lucas (part) Counties
  • T-352 Lucas (part) and Lyon Counties
  • T-353 Madison and Mahaska (part) Counties
  • T-354 Mahaska (part) and Marion Counties
  • T-355 Marshall County (part)
  • T-356 Marshall (part), Mills and Mitchell Counties
  • T-357 Monona, Monroe and Montgomery Counties
  • T-358 Muscatine, O'Brien, Osceola, and Page (part) Counties
  • T-359 Page (part), Palo Alto, Plymouth, Pocahontas, and Polk (part) Counties
  • T-360 Polk County (part)
  • T-361 Pottawattamie County (part)
  • T-362 Pottawattamie (part), Poweshiek, Ringgold, and Sac (part) Counties
  • T-363 Sac (part) and Scott (part) Counties
  • T-364 Scott (part), Shelby, Sioux, and Story (part) Counties
  • T-365 Story (part) and Tama Counties
  • T-366 Taylor and Union Counties
  • T-367 Van Buren and Wapello (part) Counties
  • T-368 Wapello (part), Warren and Washington (part) Counties
  • T-369 Washington (part), Wayne, Webster (part) Counties
  • T-370 Webster (part), Winnebago, Winneshiek, and Woodbury (part) Counties
  • T-371 Woodbury (part), Worth and Wright Counties

Iowa Soundex

  • IA-45 M-240 J thru M-253 I

Kansas - 1880

Minnesota - 1880

  • T-620 Freeborn and Goodhue (part) Counties
  • T-626 Marshall, Martin, Meeker, Mille Lacs, Morrison, and Mower Counties

Missouri - 1880

  • T-671 Adair, Andrew, and Atchison (part) Counties
  • T-672 Atchison (part), Audrain and Barry (part) Counties
  • T-673 Barry (part), Barton and Bates (part) Counties
  • T-674 Bates (part), Benton, Bollinger and Buchanan (part) Counties
  • T-675 Buchanan County (part)
  • T-676 Buchanan (part), Butler, Boone and Caldwell (part) Counties
  • T-677 Caldwell (part) and Callaway Counties
  • T-678 Camden, Cape Girardeau and Carroll (part) Counties
  • T-679 Carroll (part), Carter and Cass (part) Counties
  • T-680 Cass (part), Cedar and Chariton Counties
  • T-681 Christian, Clark and Clay (part) Counties
  • T-682 Clay (part), Clinton, Cole and Cooper (part) Counties
  • T-683 Cooper (part), Crawford and Dade (part) Counties
  • T-684 Dade (part), Dallas and Daviess Counties
  • T-685 De Kalb, Dent, Douglas and Dunklin Counties
  • T-686 Franklin and Gasconade (part) Counties
  • T-687 Gasconade (part), Gentry and Greene (part) Counties
  • T-688 Greene (part), Grundy and Harrison (part) Counties
  • T-689 Harrison (part) and Henry (part) Counties
  • T-690 Henry (part), Hickory, Holt and Howard (part) Counties
  • T-691 Howard (part), Howell and Iron Counties
  • T-692 Kansas City, wards 1-2 and 3 (part)
  • T-693 Kansas City, wards 3 (part), 4-6 and Jackson County (excluding Kansas City) (part)
  • T-694 Jackson (excluding Kansas City) (part) and Jasper (part) Counties
  • T-695 Jasper (part) and Jefferson (part) Counties
  • T-696 Jefferson (part), Johnson and Knox (part) Counties
  • T-697 Knox (part), Laclede and Lafayette (part) Counties
  • T-698 Lafayette (part) and Lawrence Counties
  • T-699 Lewis, Lincoln and Linn (part) Counties
  • T-700 Linn (part) and Livingston Counties
  • T-701 McDonald and Macon Counties
  • T-702 Madison,Maries and Marion Counties
  • T-703 Mercer, Miller and Mississippi (part) Counties
  • T-704 Mississippi (part), Moniteau and Monroe Counties
  • T-705 Montgomery, Morgan, New Madrid and Newton (part) Counties
  • T-706 Newton (part) and Nodaway (part) Counties
  • T-707 Nodaway (part), Oregon, Osage, Ozark, Pemiscot and Perry (part) Counties
  • T-708 Perry (part), Pettis and Phelps (part) Counties
  • T-709 Phelps (part) and Pike Counties
  • T-710 Platte, Polk and Pulaski (part) Counties
  • T-711 Pulaski (part), Putnam and Ralls Counties
  • T-712 Randolph and Ray (part) Counties
  • T-713 Ray (part), Reynolds and Ripley Counties
  • T-714 St. Charles, St. Clair and St. Francois (part) Counties
  • T-715 St. Francois (part), Ste. Genevieve and St. Louis (excluding city of St. Louis) (part) Counties
  • T-716 St. Louis (excluding city of St. Louis) (part) and Saline (part) Counties
  • T-717 Saline County (part) and city of St. Louis (first enumeration), wards 1-3
  • T-718 City of St. Louis (first enumeration), ward 4
  • T-719 City of St. Louis (first enumeration), wards 5-6 and 7 (part)
  • T-720 City of St. Louis (first enumeration), wards 7 (part), 8-9 and 10 (part)
  • T-721 City of St. Louis (first enumeration), wards 10 (part), 11-12, and 13 (part)
  • T-722 City of St. Louis (first enumeration), wards 13 (part), 14-15, and 16 (part)
  • T-723 City of St. Louis (first enumeration), wards 16 (part), 17 and 18 (part)
  • T-724 City of St. Louis (first enumeration), wards 18 (part), 19-22 and 23 (part)
  • T-725 City of St. Louis (first enumeration), wards 23 (part) and 24-28
  • T-726 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 1 and 2 (part)
  • T-727 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 2 (part), 3 and 4 (part)
  • T-728 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 4 (part), 5 and 6 (part)
  • T-729 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 6 (part) and 7-9
  • T-730 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 10-11 and 12 (part)
  • T-731 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), ward 12 (part)
  • T-732 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 13-14 and 15 (part)
  • T-733 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 15 (part), 16-17 and 18 (part)
  • T-734 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 18 (part), 19 and 20 (part)
  • T-735 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 20 (part) and 21-26
  • T-736 City of St. Louis (second enumeration), wards 27-28, and Schuyler and Scotland (part) Counties
  • T-737 Scotland (part), Scott, Shannon, Shelby and Stoddard (part) Counties
  • T-738 Stoddard (part), Stone, Sullivan and Taney (part) Counties
  • T-739 Taney (part), Texas, Vernon and Warren (part) Counties
  • T-740 Warren (part), Washington, Wayne and Webster (part) Counties
  • T-741 Webster (part), Worth and Wright Counties

Missouri Soundex

  • MO-16 C-156 thru C-236

Nebraska - 1880

  • T-743 Adams, Antelope, Blackbird, Boone, Buffalo and Burt Counties
  • T-744 Butler, Cass, Cedar, Chase and Cheyenne Counties
  • T-745 Clay, Colfax, Cuming and Custer (part) Counties
  • T-746 Custer (part), Dakota, Dawson, Dixon and Dodge Counties
  • T-747 Douglas County (part)
  • T-748 Douglas (part), Dundy, Fillmore and Franklin (part) Counties
  • T-749 Franklin (part), Frontier, Furnas, Gage, Gosper, Greeley and Hall Counties
  • T-750 Hamilton, Harlan, Hayes, Hitchcock, Holt, Howard and Jefferson (part) Counties
  • T-751 Jefferson (part), Johnson, Kearney, Keith, Knox and Lancaster (part) Counties
  • T-752 Lancaster (part), Lincoln, Madison, Merrick, Nance and Nemaha (part) Counties
  • T-753 Nemaha (part), Nuckolls, Otoe, Pawnee and Phelps Counties
  • T-754 Pierce, Platte, Polk, Redwillow and Richardson Counties
  • T-755 Saline, Sarpy and Saunders (part) Counties
  • T-756 Saunders (part), Seward, Sherman, Sioux, Stanton, Thayer, Valley and Washington (part) Counties
  • T-757 Washington (part), Wayne, Webster, Wheeler, and York Counties and unorganized territory approximating what is now Cherry County

New York - 1880

  • T-938 Tompkins County

Ohio - 1880

  • T-1012 Defiance (part), Delaware, and Erie (part) Counties
  • T-1044 Lucas (part), and Madison (part) Counties

Pennsylvania - 1880

  • T-1119 Columbia (part) and Crawford (part) Counties
  • T-1120 Crawford County (part)
  • T-1121 Crawford (part) and Cumberland (part) Counties
  • T-1131 Forest and Franklin (part) Counties
  • T-1132 Franklin County (part)
  • T-1140 Lancaster County (excluding city of Lancaster) (part)
  • T-1153 Lycoming (part) and McKean (part) Counties
  • T-1156 Mercer (part), Mifflin (part), and Monroe (part) Counties

Texas - 1880

  • T-1329 Travis, Trinity and Tyler (part) Counties

Wisconsin -1880

  • T-1424 Door, Douglas, Dunn and Eau Claire (part) Counties

Wisconsin Soundex

  • WI-19 H-416 thru H-525 (N)