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School Records - Bourbon County - 1876-1933

Microfilm rolls MS 1179.03 - MS 1180.01


Collection Summary


Kansas State Historical Society (Topeka)


Bourbon County, Kansas, public schools records




2 partial microfilm reels ; 35 mm.


Records of three rural Bourbon County, Kan., school districts: Bethel, no. 73, 1876-1963; district no. 96, 1882-1917; and Pleasant Valley, no. 98, 1943-1945. The records include district clerks’ & treasurers’ registers, warrant registers, and teachers’ daily & classification registers.


Microfilm MS 1179.03 - MS 1180.01




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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The district clerks’ registers contain information on district boundaries; registers of funds received and warrants and other payments; school censuses; clerks’ reports; and minutes of annual and special school meetings. District treasurers’ registers are a record of receipts, balances, and disbursements by categories. Teachers’ daily registers contain enrollments, attendance, and grades of students; reports of the county superintendent of public instruction; lists of graduates; names of visitors; and often additional information. Classification of students may be included in these books or in separate classification registers.

Pages containing only students’ grades were not microfilmed. Student health reports likewise were not filmed.

Arrangement of the Records

Collection. Arranged numerically by district, thereunder alphabetically by records series (type of record).

Contents: section 1. Records of Bethel School District No. 73, 1876-1963 - section 2. Records of School District No. 96 - section 3. Teacher’s register of Pleasant Valley School District No. 98, 1943-1945.

Other Finding Aid

Copies of this finding aid available on the microfilm, in the repository, and on its web site.

Restrictions on Access


Restrictions on Use

These records are presumed to be public records as they were created by public bodies, but it is possible that literary property rights to them, or portions of them, may belong to the creators or their heirs.

Acquisition Information

Loan: Betty Lou Denton, 1984.

Processing Information

Prepared for microfilming by Robert L. Knecht, 1984.

Location of Originals

Originals owned by the lender at the time of microfilming.

Detailed Description of the Records

Section 1: Records of Bethel School District No. 73, 1876-1963

MS 1979.03 Series A   District clerks’ registers, 1876-1948
MS 1979.03   v. 1 1876-1900
MS 1979.03   v. 2 1900-1941
MS 1979.03   v. 3 1942-1948
MS 1979.03 Series B   District treasurers’ registers , 1948-1963
MS 1979.03   v. 1 1948-1957
MS 1979.03   v. 2 1957-1963
  Series C   Teachers’ daily registers, 1886-1960
MS 1979.03   v. 1 1886-1889
MS 1979.03   v. 2 1889-1892
MS 1979.03   v. 3 1892-1896
MS 1979.03   v. 4 1917-1922
MS 1979.03   v. 5 1922-1931
MS 1979.03   v. 6 1932-1938
MS 1979.03   v. 7 1938-1942
MS 1980.01   v. 8 1942-1944
MS 1980.01   v. 9 1944-1946
MS 1980.01   v. 10 1946-1948
MS 1980.01   v. 11 1948-1950
MS 1980.01   v. 12 1950-1952
MS 1980.01   v. 13 1952-1954
MS 1980.01   v. 14 1954-1956
MS 1980.01   v. 15 1956-1958
MS 1980.01   v. 16 1958-1960
MS 1980.01 Series D   Teachers’ classification registers, 1891-1909
MS 1980.01   v. 1 1891-1896
MS 1980.01   v. 2 1903-1909

Section 2: Records of School District No. 96, 1882-1917

MS 1980.01 Series A   Clerk’s record, 1882-1907
MS 1980.01 Series B   Warrant register, 1891-1901
MS 1980.01 Series C   Teacher’s register, 1905-1917

Section 3: Teacher’s Register of Pleasant Valley School District No. 98, 1943-1945

MS 1980.01