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Carry A. Nation - Dentures

The Famous and Original Bar Room Smasher

Carry Nation's dentures

Carry Nation's Dentures

These dentures may have belonged to the famed reformer Carry Nation. They were discovered in a trunk from the house of her  niece, Callie Moore.

At least one account indicates Nation wore false teeth. Biographer Herbert Asbury  related the following story in his book Carry Nation (1929).

In October [1096] she was again in Colorado, and at Trinidad, on the 13th, Charles Aiello ejected her from his saloon with such force that her false teeth were knocked down her throat. She finally coughed them up, but before she could close her mouth they fell into the gutter and were broken. For several weeks she could eat nothing but liquids. When her new teeth had been fitted, and she had regained her strength through proper nourishment, she went to Texas, and on December 30th invaded Houston and wrecked a saloon which the proprietor . . . had brazenly named the "Carry Nation Bar."


Carry A. Nation is an online exhibit developed by the Kansas Museum of History.

  1. How Well Do You Know Carry Nation? - Fun quiz.
  2. Hatchetations and Home Defenders - Why reformers smashed saloons.
  3. Paying the Bills - Selling hatchet pins, buttons, and newsletters.
  4. Taking on the Role of Crusader - Personal tragedies in Nation's life.
  5. Other Crusades - Women's health, woman suffrage, and anti-smoking.
  6. An International Figure - People all over the world followed Nation's work.
  7. She Hath Done What She Could - Final days in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
  8. An American Icon - Carry Nation is a household name today.
  9. Temperance Timeline - Timeline of alcohol reform.

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