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Corps of Discovery - Extension

Ideas for using this trunk with youth groups.

The teaching manual for this trunk was created to serve a variety of school-age classroom audiences from lower elementary through middle school.The materials contained in the trunk can also be used in a variety of ways with other types of groups or organizations.


Girl Scouts Activities

Brownie Girl Scouts

Eco-Explorer - 5. Speak up for Animals - Some animals that live on the earth are endangered.  If we do not protect them, they will be gone forever.

  • Lesson to accompany this activity:  Lesson 6.  "Great Numbers of Buffalow."


Cub Scouts Achievement


Your Flag - c.  Tell how to respect and take care of the U.S. flag; g. With the help of another person, fold the U.S. flag.

  • Lesson 5:  The First Independence in Kansas.


Country - 5. Sharing Your World with Wildlife; e. Name one animal that is on the endangered species list.

  • Lesson 6. "Great Numbers of Buffalow."

Elective 24:  American Indian Life; c. Learn what the American Indian people in your area (or another area) used for shelter before contact with the Europeans.

  • Lesson 4:  Lewis & Clark Among the Indians.


Academics: Geography - 4. On a map, trace the routes of some famous explorers.

  • Lesson 1: Lewis and Clark in Kansas
  • Lesson 2: On the Trail with Lewis and Clark
  • Lesson 3: Explorers in Kansas
  • Lewis & Clark Adventure Game.


Boy Scouts Requirements

Environmental Science Merit Badge - e. Endangered Species 1. Do research on one endangered species found in your state.

  • Lesson 6. "Great Numbers of Buffalow"


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