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Finding Aids - Guides

Personal Papers and Business/Organization Records

Guides to Selected Subjects

Guides are brief descriptions of a large number of collections having information on a specific topic, time period, or location or in a common format, similar to an annotated bibliography prepared by a library. Each entry in the guide is limited in size, but the information should explain what items in each collection pertain to the guide’s subject.

Guides are available for the following subjects:

· Major manuscript collections
· Native American and tribal holdings
· Diaries
· Journalism and electronic media collections
· Holdings pertaining to English, Scotch, Irish and Welsh immigrants and settlements
· Fort Hays-related materials
· Military collections of genealogical value
· Civil War personal papers
· National Archives microfilm held by the Kansas State Historical Society
· Papers relating to country schools

These are available for reference use in the Research Room and by mail for a nominal copying charge.

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