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Heritage Trust Fund

The Heritage Trust Fund (HTF) is a state program that provides matching funds for the preservation of properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the Register of Historic Kansas Places.  The HTF reimburses expenses for projects that preserve or restore historic properties. Qualifying expenses include professional fees and construction costs. Properties owned by the state or federal governments are not eligible, but those owned by local governments, private individuals, non-profit, and for-profit entities qualify. Individual grant awards may not exceed $90,000 and must be matched by the grant recipient. Yearly grant rounds are highly competitive. Applicants are encouraged to submit preliminary applications for review and comment.

Informational HTF grant workshops are held each year at various locations across the state to provide applicants with step-by-step instruction on filling out the HTF grant application. See the HTF Workshops page for more information.  Other preservation-related workshops are often available too.

2018 Heritage Trust Fund grant round
Applications for the 2018 grant round were due November 1, 2017 and awards were announced February 10, 2018. These 20 awards total $853,586 in proposed grant funding. The following is the list of grant applications approved for funding, pending availability of funds:



















2017 Heritage Trust Fund grant round 
Applications for the 2017 grant round were due November 1, 2016 and awards were announced February 4, 2017. The following is the list of grant applications approved for funding, pending availability of funds:

County                       Property Name                                Grant Award

Chase             Carter Building / Chase County Nat'l Bank         36,825
Ellsworth         Ira E. Lloyd Stock Farm                                    19,167
Ford                Mueller-Schmidt House                                    70,689
Lincoln            Cummins Block                                                22,800
Lyon               Cross, Col. H.C. & Susan, House                        86,841
Marion            Elgin Hotel                                                       90,000
Marion            Pioneer Adobe House                                       69,340
Morris             A.F. & A.M. Lodge / Electric Theater                  29,914
Ness               Ness County Bank                                           90,000
Republic         Woodland Place Stock Farm                              44,448
Sedgwick        Anawalt House                                                 55,716
Sedgwick        Fresh Air Baby Camp                                          9,315
Sedgwick        Wey Mansion & Carriage House                         40,481
Sedgwick        William Sternberg House                                   34,080
Shawnee        North Topeka Baptist Church                             53,818


                                                            Total Grant Award     $753,434

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