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Kansas Day at the Museum - Activities

Standards Based Activities


In the lobby of the museum you will find a wide variety of hands-on activities.  Each has been chosen to correlate to the Kansas Academic Standards and are designed especially for Kansas Day visitors. Students will learn about Kansas as they do activities that include:

  • creating a timeline of famous Kansans
  • learning how Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto
  • matching  Kansans with inventions that helped to change the world
  • searching for fossils in the tradition of famous Kansas paleontologists
  • using a Kansas map and your mapping skills to locate famous Kansans
  • being your own game piece as you play an Amelia Earhart board game
  • using your problem solving skills to build a free standing tower in 30 seconds
  • following the directions to make your own Wizard of Oz cootie catcher
  • feeling the rhythm in jazz music






Historic Craft Demonstrators

Take a step back in time as you learn about the low-tech life of the past.  Feel the softness of wool as you card it for spinning.  Talk to an American Indian flute maker. Watch wood carvers turn a piece of wood into something exciting. Duck as an airplane buzzes over head. Weave strips of wood with a basket maker or yarn on a loom. Demonstrators will share their skills in basket making, American Indian flute making, spinning yarn, knitting, weaving, aviation,  horn carving, wood carving, sewing and quilting.


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