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Kansas Women and Their Quilts - Extension

Ideas for using this trunk with other ages and youth groups.

The teaching manual for this trunk is designed for use in a classroom with students in grades four through six.  The materials contained in the trunk can be used with other ages and in other settings in a variety of ways as highlighted below.

Classroom Use

This trunk correlates with the 2004 Kansas Standards for History and Government; Economics and Geography in the following areas:


History, Benchmark 4, Indicator 1: The student places events in sequential order.

  • "How to Make a Quilt" activity.

History, Benchmark 4, Indicator 3: The student scans historic photographs to gain information.

  • Adapt lessons using historic photos - Lesson 7: The Importance of Learning to Sew and Lesson 11: Cooperative Quilt Making and Aesthetics.

History, Benchmark 4, Indicator 4: The student asks questions, shares information, and discusses ideas about the past.

  • The contents of the trunk - photographs, interactivies, and content material.

First Grade

History, Benchmark 2, Indicator 5: The student identifies types of shelter used by early Kansas families (e.g., dugouts, sod houses, log cabins, frame houses).

  • Adapt Lesson 3: Packing the Wagon Train using photographs of soddie and dugout.

Second Grade

History, Benchmark 2, Indicator 2: The student contrasts daily life of an historic Plains Indian family, a pioneer family, and a modern family in Kansas.

  • Use contents of this trunk and content information from Lesson 2: Our Patchwork Past: A Story of Quilts in Kansas History and Lesson 3: Packing the Wagon Train to talk about daily life of pioneer families.

History, Benchmark 4, Indicator 2: The student locates information using both primary and secondary sources.

  • Adapt lessons and content information to use the primary sources included (historic photographs, immigrant guide excerpts, diary excerpts, Montgomery Ward Catalog pages).


Girl Scouts Activities

Daisy Scouts

Life Takes Shape

  • Lesson 8: Quilt Pattern Names -- Explore shapes and how they can be put together in different ways to form patterns, quilt blocks, and quilts.

Brownie Scouts

Stitch It Together

  • Lesson 1: What is a Quilt?
  • Lesson 8: Quilt Pattern Names
  • Lesson 9: Quilts as Recycling
  • Lesson 11: Cooperative Quilt Making and Aesthetics
  • Lesson 15: Sewing a Quilt Block

Junior Scouts

Doing Hobbies - 4. Hobbies in the Past.

  • Entire Trunk.

Yarn and Fabric Art - 9. Fabrics of the Past.

  • Entire Trunk.

Studio B Scouts

Folk Arts - Technology 1 - Make a quilt from start to finish.

  • Entire Trunk.

Textile Arts:  Skill Builders 5 - Quilt making is a craft that has a long history and is enjoying a revival, and Technology 4 - Select a craft or skill that involves textiles and find out more about production methods or tools.

  • Entire Trunk.

Women Through Time - Technology 4 - Learn a skill, domestic art, or craft practiced by women in earlier times but replaced by technology and busy lifestyles such as quilting.

  • Entire Trunk.


4-H - Fiber Arts Project: Patchwork and Quilting

Use the Kansas Women and Their Quilts traveling resource trunk as an introduction to quilts and quilt making, to learn about how quilts help to tell the story of Kansas, to explore the connection between quilts and recycling, to examine pattern and shape through quilts, and much more.

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