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Uses of the Buffalo - CD Contents

The CD in this trunk contains:



  1. Artifact Analysis
  2. Daily Life of American Indians in Kansas
  3. Then and Now
  4. Artifacts of the Plains Indians
  5. Understanding the Past Through Ethnographies
  6. The Buffalo and the Daily Life of the Pawnee
  7. Daily Life of the Plains Indians

Ethnographic Sources

Clip Art for Lesson 3b


Power points for lesson 3c

American Indian Recipes from Food in Kansas!

Resource Chart


  1. Buffalo on the Tall Grass Bison Ranch
  2. Cheyenne Indians
  3. Kansa clothing, George Catlin illustration
  4. Ches-oo-hong-ha, George Catlin illustration
  5. Comanche man
  6. Meat drying
  7. Range of the Buffalo, 1500 and 1870
  8. Buffalo as a Resource
  9. Buffalo
  10. Scraping a hide, Edward Curtis photograph
  11. Ring and pole game, George Catlin illustration
  12. Buffalo on prairie

Photos of Objects

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