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Professional development 2013-2014

Professional development sessions feature these materialsConfused by the new Kansas State standards for History, Government and Social Studies; College and Career Readiness ELA standards; and Social, Emotional, and Character Development standards?

Let the educational staff at the Kansas Historical Society show you how "It all fits". Our trained presenters have worked directly with the development of the new Kansas standards. The free professional development sessions address effective instruction techniques used in teaching Kansas and U.S. history, economics, geography, and civic/government.  We emphasize teaching with primary sources and provide the tools to put them to use. One hour sessions will help you to apply the new standards to your lessons.  Ninety minute sessions will allow you time to revise one of your own lessons to address all three new standards.   

The sessions are designed for K-12 social studies, gifted, reading, and ELL educators. Districts can choose the date, time, and place. 

The sessions will include grade appropriate materials:

  • Read Kansas! – a model for teaching history with primary sources, making students active participants in interpreting history.
  • Kansas Memory – a digital archives of primary sources with special features especially for teachers' use in the classrooms (Hands-on sessions require access to a computer lab and internet.)

Also available are sessions on our traveling resource trunks and guided tours.

For more information contact Marcia Fox, KSHS curriculum specialist,
mfox@kshs.org, 785-272-8681, ext. 416.