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Request for Proposals

The Kansas Historical Society assists cultural resources across the state through various financial incentive programs.  The following grant-assisted properties and projects are seeking proposals, bids, or qualifications from contractors and consultants.  Please address all inquiries to the project contact listed.

GREENWOOD PRESERVATION SOCIETY  - The Greenwood Preservation Society (GWPS) of Eureka, Kansas received a Historic Preservation Fund in 2017 for the purpose of hiring a consultant to conduct an intensive level survey of the Central Business District of Eureka, Kansas. The survey area includes 11 city blocks of buildings and contains approximately 90 properties. The full Request for Qualifications can be viewed at http://www.eurekaks.org along with survey requirements.  Proposals are due November 15, 2017 by 5pm. Questions concerning this project should be addressed to Heather Fuesz, GWPS by phone at 620.583.4149 or email at heatherfuesz@hotmail.com.  


Check back for more requests coming soon!