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Wheatland Traveling Resource Trunk

Trunk Manual

Demonstration of grinding wheatThis trunk presents a comprehensive unit for kindergarten through second grade classes. The information is designed to introduce plant growth, wheat cultivation, Kansas history, the process by which grains become food for human consumption, and the importance of nutrition from foods made from wheat. The emphasis is on objects associated with wheat production which children can discover firsthand.  Related books, work sheets, games and activities to reinforce learning have also been included.  Worksheets, photographs, and other materials needed to teach the lessons are not included in this online version of the manual.


Background on Wheat in Kansas

Lesson I - Introduction

Use objects, puppets, a non-fiction and a fiction book to follow wheat from planting to bread.

  • Day 1 - Wheat from Field to Table
  • Day 2 - Dramatization of The Little Red Hen

Lesson II - Growing Wheat in Kansas History

Model horse drawn farm wagonUse objects to talk about the stages of wheat growth, drill wheat in your classroom, and then plant your own wheat and watch it grow!

  • Day 3 - Growing Wheat
  • Day 4 - Preparing Soil and Planting Wheat

Lesson III - Harvesting Wheat in Kansas History

Use historic photographs and scale models of farming equipment to discuss cutting and threshing wheat, and then create your own classroom exhibit.

  • Day 5 - Cutting Wheat
  • Day 6 - Threshing Wheat

Lesson IV - Milling and Packaging

Learn about milling and packaging flour with photographs and flour sacks.  Use a mill to make flour from wheat. A Grain of Wheat book shows the parts of a kernel of wheat.

  • Day 7 - Milling (Grinding) Wheat
  • Day 8 -Packaging Flour

Model thresher from Wheatland TrunkLesson V - Nutrition and Baking

Learn about the nutrition in wheat using bread and juice, and then bake Teddy Bear Bread.

  • Day 9 - Nutrition and Baking

Lesson VI - Kansas "Wheatland" Game

Review and reinforce what has been learned about wheat by playing a board game.

  • Day 10 -Kansas "Wheatland" Game


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