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Kansas students' work

Trevor Robinson portraying Charles SternbergCharles Sternberg by Trevor Robinson, Auburn Elementary

Charles Sternberg is a famous Kansan.  Charles Sternberg was a famous paleontologist.  He is famous because he found a Trochotont fossil.  He also found twenty-three large Tylosarus fossils.

Charles Sternberg was born in Middleburg, New York in 1850.  He had an older brother, George, and a twin brother, Edward.  He moved to a farm at the age seventeen, and the farm was owned by his older brother.  He married and had three kids.  Their names were Charles, George, and Levi Sternberg.  He had many experiences with the Indians and pioneers of the west for he was usually at the posts of civilization.

One thiCharles Sternberg - A Famous Kansasng Charles Sternberg did that was important was he found a Trochodont fossil.  He began collecting vertebrate fossils in Kansas.  He also collected in Oregon, Washington, and western Kansas.  In 1908 he found an Anatosaurus fossil, which he sent to the American Museum of Natural History. He was able to locate many of the fossils because they appeared in his dreams.

Charles Sternberg died in 1943 at the age of ninety-eight.  He changed his community because his interest in fossils led to career in paleontology.  He eventually sold fossils to museums around the world.  Today, the Sternberg Museum at Hays displays fossils the Sternberg family discovered.