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Kansas Records Retention Schedules

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Agency Code: 082-007 (Office of the Attorney General. Consumer Protection Division)

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Agency Number: 082-007
Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division

SERIES ID 0135-082 
TITLE Activity Statistics 
DESCRIPTION Statistical records of organizational activities used in compiling and publishing annual report. 
RETENTION 001 cldr yr 
APPROVED 1988-10-13 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-076 

SERIES ID 0217-082 
TITLE Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA) Log  
DESCRIPTION Form or database used to track receipt and handling of notices and other records received by the Attorney General pursuant to the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1332(d), 1453, and 1711-1715. Information includes the case name, case number, court where the action is filed, nature or subject matter of the litigation, identity of settling defendants, etc. 
RETENTION 005 cldr yrs 
APPROVED 2013-07-18 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-177 

SERIES ID 0218-082 
TITLE Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA) Notices, Filings and Orders  
DESCRIPTION Records may include copies of class action notices, petitions, motions, orders, and other related records that are served by mail, facsimile, or email on the State of Kansas, its agencies, or the Attorney General pursuant to the requirements of the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1332(d), 1453, and 1711-1715. 
RETENTION See comments 
COMMENTS Records are assessed to determine if the State has an interest in the class action proceedings. Retain notices/filings/orders where there is no known state interest for 2 years, then destroy. Original CAFA notices/filings/orders that have or may have an identified state interest involving another state agency are forwarded to the relevant state agency for handling and are maintained under that agency's retention and disposition schedule or the relevant general retention and disposition schedule entry. Correspondence concerning the forwarded records is Routine Correspondence, 0044-082, and follows that retention and disposition. Notices/filings/orders involving an identified state interest may also be accepted for representation or action by the Attorney General's office; these records become Case Files, 0172-082, and follow that schedule entry. 
DISPOSITION See comments 
RESTRICTIONS KSA 45-221(a)(1)(2)(11)(14)(20)(30) 
APPROVED 2013-07-18 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-177 

SERIES ID 0139-082 
TITLE Complaint Files 
DESCRIPTION Consumer complaint forms, initial correspondence, photos, notes, reports and other supporting documentation relating to complaints and actions taken by the division, including dispositions not resulting in litigation or enforcement efforts. (Otherwise see Case Files or Enforcement Action Files.) Materials, including records obtained from others may be returned to their source or otherwise disposed of in accordance with court order, court rule, or agreement. 
RETENTION See Comments 
COMMENTS At the close of an investigation, the AG may destroy or return to original source those records which were obtained by confidentiality agreement; original photos not covered by confidentiality agreement may be returned to source provided photocopies are retained in the file. Retain remaining paper documents until scanned into system and until quality assurance is performed, then destroy. Digital images in system are retained 5 calendar years, then destroyed. 
RESTRICTIONS Portions per KSA 45-221(a)(2)(3)(5)(10)(11)(25)(30) 
APPROVED 2011-01-27  ; Revised 2013-08-28
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-166 

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