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Title: Letter
Date: 1832-04-01
Volume: 4 Page: 343 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Wm. Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): Hon. Secretary of War;
Contents: U.S. Supt. Ind.Affs.,St. Louis (Wm. Clark) To Hon Sec. War. Encloses letters of Mj. Cummins, agent for Delawares, Kickapoos, etc., stating certain wishes of bands of these tribes; recommends that a Council be held with Kickapoos, Delawares, Shawnees, Piankeshaws, Peorias, Weas & Kaskaskias for extinguishment of all their claims and that they be compelled to move to lands assigned them west of Missouri.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Field-notes of surveys of Peoria, Kaskaskia and Ottowas.
Date: 1833-07-29
Volume: 1 Page: 60 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Isaac McCoy; John C. McCoy, asst. surv.;
Contents: Field-notes of surveys of Peoria and Kaskaskia lands, with the Eastern boundary of Ottowas on their West.
Description: Copy of document.
Comments: Survey dated: August 31, 1833. John C. McCoy assistant surveyor. See p. 56 for plat.
Title: Articles of agreement among numerous tribes of Indians
Date: 1833-11-12
Volume: 1 Page: 66 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Delaware Indians; Iowa Indians; Kansas Indians; Kaskaskia Indians; Kickapoo Indians; Omaha Indians; Otoe Indians; Ottawa Indians; Pawnee Indians; Peoria Indians; Piankeshaw Indians; Pottawatomie Indians; Shawnee Indians; Wea Indians;
Contents: Articles of agreement among the Delawares, Pawnees, Shawnees, Kansas, Iowas, Otoes, Omahas, Kickapoos, Weas, Peorias, Piankeshaws, Kaskaskias, Ottawas and Pottawatomies at Fort Leavenworth.
Description: Copy of document. 4 pgs.
Comments: Compare with Govt. Serial 247, pp. 727-732; and with Govt. Serial 263, Report No. 474, pp. 105-112.
Title: Letter from Indian Agent, Northern Agcy, Western Terr. (R. W. Cummins) To S.I.A.St.L. (Genl. William Clark)
Date: 1836-09-28
Volume: G Page: 31 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): R. W. Cummins (Ind Agt, Northern Agcy, Western Territory.;
Recipient(s): William Clark (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Nominates Perry G. Cayton as Assistant Blacksmith for the Pienkeshaw, Weas, Peorias & Kaskaskia Indians.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Agreement by various tribes allowing the United States to open military roads and posts in their country.
Date: 1836-10-21
Volume: 1 Page: 262 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Delawares; Kaskaskias; Major Richard W. Cummins, U.S. agt. I.A.; Peorias; Piankeshaw; Shawnees; Weas;
Contents: Agreement by the Delaware, Shawnee, Piankeshaw, Wea, Peoria and Kaskaskia tribes to allow the U. S. govt. to open military roads and posts in their country.
Description: Copy of Document. 2 p.
Comments: Agreement dated: Northern Agency, Western Territory, October 21, 1836. Maj. Richard W. Cummins, Indian agent.
Title: Letter from Ind Agt, Fort Leavenworth (R. W. Cummins) To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark)
Date: 1838-03-09
Volume: G Page: 97 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): R. W. Cummins (Ind Agt, Fort Leavenworth);
Recipient(s): William Clark (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Warns Clark that he has been informed by James & William Rogers, and later by Baptiste Peoria, that the Osages are seeking support from other tribes to run off white people & live off their hogs and cattle.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter from Indian Sub Agent, Osage River (A. L. Davis) To S.I.A.St.L. (Major Joshua Pilcher)
Date: 1840-10-15
Volume: 8 Page: 33 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): A. L. Davis (Indian Sub Agent, Osage River);
Recipient(s): Joshua Pilcher (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: This letter is a report of the affairs of the Osage River Sub Agency. It includes the following tribes: Pottawatomies, Weas, Piankishaws, Kaskaskias, Peorias, Ottawas, and Chippewas.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p

Title: Letter from S.I.A.St.L. (Thomas H Harvey) To Ind. Sub. Agt., Osage River Sub Agcy. (A. S. Vaughan)
Date: 1845-01-07
Volume: 7 Page: 323 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): Thomas H Harvey (S.I.A.St.L.);
Recipient(s): A. S. Vaughan (Ind. Sub. Agt., Osage River);
Contents: Orders Vaughan to procure large amounts of corn for the Potawatomies, Peorias, Weas, Plankishaws, Ottawas, & Chippewas, as ordered by the Government. It is expected that the corn will not cost more than 60 cents per bushel.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter from S.I.A.St.L. (Thomas H Harvey) To Indian Sub Agent (Alfred J Vaughan)
Date: 1845-03-31
Volume: 7 Page: 342 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): Thomas H Harvey (S.I.A.St.L.);
Recipient(s): Alfred J Vaughan (Indian Sub Agent);
Contents: Sends approval of arrangements made for breaking up of Prairie lands, and for the way Vaughan has handled the distribution of corn. Mentions complaints of the Weas & Peorias regarding Smith's tools. Instructs Vaughan to hire a Miller for the Potawatomies at a salary not to exceed $300 per year.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter from Indian Sub Agent, Osage River Sub Agcy (Alfred J. Vaughan) To S.I.A.St.L. (Thomas H Harvey)
Date: 1846-08-01
Volume: 8 Page: 290 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): Alfred J Vaughan (Ind Sub Agt., Osage River Sub Agcy);
Recipient(s): Thomas H Harvey (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Encloses communication from Baptiste Peoria on the subject of bringing back from Creek country Weas & Piankishaws who have lived south for 9 years.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.

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