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Title: Letter from Clerk to S.I.A.St.L. (John Haverty) To Comr. Ind. Affs., Washington (W. Medill)
Date: 1848-08-16
Volume: 9 Page: 122 (Microfilm reel MS-96)
Author(s): John Haverty (Clerk to S.I.A.St.L.);
Recipient(s): W. Medill (Comr. Ind. Affs., Washington);
Contents: Reports that the Field notes & plats of the Sac & Fox half breed lands in Iowa were transferred to General Geo. W. Jones, Surveyor Genl.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter
Volume: 32 Page: 16 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): Keokuck, Indian Chief; Moccopowrn, Indian Chief; Perhapaho, Indian Chief; Pirkkinauu, Indian Chief; Taimah, Indian Chief; Thomas Forsyth, Indian Agent; Wabawlaw, Indian Chief;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Contents: Indian Chiefs To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark). Mentions letter to President of U.S. --no reply yet; refers to list of eligible half breeds (pgs 13-15); Wants land surveyed and divided among half breeds equally; wants all white people removed now on the land; wants whites to refrain from the sale of spirituous liquors.
Description: Copy of letter. 2 p.
Comments: There is no date on this letter; it makes reference to the treaty of August, 1824
Title: Letter
Volume: 6 Page: 418 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): A. S. Hughes?;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A., St. Louis;
Contents: Hughes, A. S.? To Genl. Wm. Clark. On accompanying surveyor and party.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

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