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Dates: From 1808 to 1884
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Title: Letter from S.I.A.St.L. (Thomas H Harvey) To Comr. Ind. Affs., Washington (W. Medill)
Date: 1849-03-19
Volume: 9 Page: 185 (Microfilm reel MS-96)
Author(s): Thomas H Harvey (S.I.A.St.L.);
Recipient(s): W. Medill (Comr. Ind. Affs., Washington);
Contents: Encloses a letter from Agent Miller asking for refunding of $74.39 for feeding a party of Winnebagoes on a visit to the Otoes last summer.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter from S.I.A.St.L. (D. D. Mitchell) To Comr. Ind. Affs., Washington (Luke Lea)
Date: 1852-04-22
Volume: 9 Page: 383 (Microfilm reel MS-96)
Author(s): D. D. Mitchell (S.I.A.St.L.);
Recipient(s): Luke Lea (Comr. Ind. Affs., Washington);
Contents: Submits for approval a letter from Agent Barrow enclosing contracts withThomas Lewiss for breaking up land for the Otoes & Pawnees, and with A.H. Bowen for the same duties with the Omahas. Also for the Omahas, a contract with a new Interpreter, Logan Fontenella
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

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