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Alfred Washburn Benson

Alfred Washburn Benson

Politician. Republican. Born: July 15, 1843. Died: January 1, 1916, Topeka, Kansas. Served in U.S. Senate: June 11, 1906, to January 23, 1907.

A. W. Benson was born July 15, 1843 in in Poland, Chautauqua County, New York. He moved to Ottawa in 1869, where he served the people of the area as county attorney, mayor, state senator, and state representative before being appointed to the U. S. Senate at age 62. He served in this position for only seven months, finishing out Burton's term of office. Benson was unable to win the GOP nomination for himself in 1906 but was later appointed to the state supreme court. He died January 1, 1916, in Topeka.

Entry: Benson, Alfred Washburn

Author: Kansas Historical Society

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