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Furniture items and household appliances in the Kansas Historical Society collections represent a range of time periods. A few of these items played a key role in the state’s history, like the parallels desk used by John Brown.

Some of the pieces were carefully transported in wagons on the overland trails. Others show intricate detail and are uniquely hand-made pieces, including the horn furniture made in Wetmore, circa 1900. Several Kansas companies manufactured furniture including the Abernathy Company of Leavenworth, established in 1856. Others demonstrate the characteristics of the time, like the pink washer and dryer, made popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

These pieces are in the museum collections.

Abernathy sofa bed Horn chair Horn table
Abernathy sofa bed, 1984.386.1 Horn chair, Horn table,
Wooten desk Wooten desk Mayor's office chair
Wooten desk, Wooten desk, Mayor's office chair,
Abernathy crib    
Abernathy crib, 1995.41.2    
Abernathy desk chair    
Abernathy desk chair, 2009.16.1    

Entry: Furniture

Author: Kansas Historical Society

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Date Created: February 2016

Date Modified: February 2016

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