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Laurin W. Jones

Born: January 30, 1905, Sylvia, Kansas; died: June 13, 1999, Dodge City, Kansas

Laurin Walter Jones was born on January 30, 1905 on a farm near Sylvia, Kansas to Walter P. and Mildred Yust Jones. Jones attended rural Reno County schools including Sylvia High School, which he attended for two years, then Dodge City High School.

Jones applied for a two year normal (teaching) training certificate. He served as principal at Ford Grade School and the remaining year teaching at Bloom Junior High School as well as coaching high school sports. After his two year certificate expired, Jones enrolled at the Kansas State Teachers College, now known as Emporia State University,  which he attended for one year.

In 1928 Jones went to work for a Dodge City insurance company and in 1932 started his own insurance agency. He also operated a real estate and loan businesses until his retirement in 1996.

During his business career, Jones served as president of the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents, one year as national councilor and eight years as a member of the state executive committee. He was also a president of the Dodge City Lions Club.

Jones served on the Dodge City School Board for as president of the Kansas Association of School Boards. He was elected representative from Ford County in 1950 and state senator in 1952, a position he held until 1965. He became a legislative liaison for Governor William Avery.

During his 12-year career as senator Jones served as vice-chair and chairman of the education committee. Under Jones’ leadership, surveys and studies were done on the educational needs of students ranging from kindergarten to college. Jones and his committees also studied the efficacy of educational television and contemplated the future role of the junior college. In Jones’ opinion, educational television provided an invaluable learning forum for people regardless of the location of their residence. He also believed that a junior college or at least two years post-secondary education should be available to every student.

He was named the Native Sons and Daughters' Kansan of the Year in 1964. Jones died June 13, 1999, in Dodge City, Kansas.

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