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Stan Herd

Artist. Born 1950.

Once a painter of large murals, Stan Herd now creates ephemeral works of art with fields, farm equipment and plants. Since 1981 this self-taught artist has created field-sized "pictures" of such subjects as Kiowa Indian Chief Satanta, Will Rogers, a vase of sunflowers and many others.

The best way to observe Herd's work is from the air. Many businesses have used Stan's artwork for eye-catching adds as seen from above. Stan's use of different colored plants gives him the ability to create multi-colored art that is as entertaining as it is large. He was named the Native Sons and Daughters' Kansan of the Year in 1995.

Entry: Herd, Stan

Author: G. Joseph Pierron

Author information: Judge Pierron serves on the Kansas Court of Appeals and has an interest in Kansas history.

Date Created: November 2012

Date Modified: August 2013

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