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Valentine Diners - Iowa - Muscatine

Muscatine diner.

Muscatine, Iowa

  • Business name: Clamshell Diner
  • Street address: 115 West Mississippi Drive
  • Open or closed: Open
  • History: The Clamshell previously was located in the Iowa towns of Mount Pleasant, Mount Union, and Danville. At Danville it was known as the Cracker Box Diner. Rescued from a scrapyard by Tom Keller and Mel Gross, the diner was moved to Muscatine and restored. In 2004 it was sold to Tom and Ann Meeker and moved to its present location. The Meekers still own the diner, but it is operated by Dan Sawler who kept the Clamshell name on the building facade and the usual diner fare on the menu. Sawler also operates Danno's Big Dawgs and More in the building.
  • Model / serial number: Little Chef / 2111
  • Additional images:
    Exterior, side view
    Exterior, rear view
    Exterior shortly after restoration
    Interior, counter and kitchen
    Interior, counter and kitchen, opposite view

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Entry: Valentine Diners - Iowa - Muscatine

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