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Valentine Diners - Kansas - Ellinwood 02

Ellinwood diner.

  • Business name: Krueger's Liquor Store
  • Street address: 104 W. Santa Fe Avenue (U.S. 56)
  • Open or closed: Closed
  • History: Veterinarian C. A. "Doc" Krueger purchased the building and it was delivered to the present location in July 1949 for use as a liquor store. Its grand opening was August 9, 1949. Son-in-law Dan Dierolf took over the business when his wife Adriana inherited the business from her father.
  • Dierolf's liquor store was the last business in the building. In 1992 or 1993 it was sold to Larry Panning, George Miller, and Willy Schultz. Current owners William L. Starr and James J. Elliott purchased it in 2002. They plan to remove the siding, which was added when a car hit it, and restore the building to its original appearance.

  • Model / serial number: Liquor Store / #746

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Entry: Valentine Diners - Kansas - Ellinwood 02

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