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William McCulloch

Politician. Born: 1815, Scotland. 

A Republican delegate to the Wyandotte Constitutional Convention from Council Grove, McCulloch was born in Scotland (ca. 1815) and came to Kansas Territory from Iowa in 1856. He was a farmer and a forty-four-year-old widower, who had also served as a delegate to the Leavenworth Convention of 1858, when he represented Breckinridge County, along with Preston B. Plumb and John R. Swallow. He was "a 'canny' son of the 'land of cakes,' but he has lived in the States for a number of years," reported the Daily Times in July 1859. "He brings all a Scotchman's shrewdness and clearness of perception as well as the true Humanitarian tendencies which distinguish them as a people." If this assessment is correct, McCulloch apparently chose keep his own council or perhaps to share his innate wisdom in private, as there is virtually no reference to him in the Wyandote convention proceedings, and he essentially disappears from the historical record after adjournment.

Entry: McCulloch, William

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