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Woman's Kansas Day Club

Mary A. Prescott- Founder of Woman's Kansas Day ClubOn January 28, 1905, the Good Government Club of Topeka held an open meeting in the State Historical Rooms. It was there that Mrs. W. A. Johnston stated, “That the Good Government Club take action toward the formation of a Woman’s Kansas Day Club, which should be open to all loyal citizens, and that the president be instructed to appoint a committee on organization.”  The motion carried and the Woman’s Kansas Day Club was born.

Established as a "nonpartisan and nonsectarian" organization, the purpose of the Woman's Kansas Day Club was "To encourage and promote the collection and preservation of the early history of Kansas, to instill patriotism in Kansas youth, and establish a comradeship among Kansas women." The early role of the organization was to plan a patriotic celebration for the anniversary of the admission of Kansas to the Union. The event was a huge hit. Through the years that followed, the club expanded its program, and began to focus on education and state history.

The society collected reminiscences of early Kansas pioneers. Throughout the club's history it has designated a yearly research theme, helping to generate Kansas history projects. Because of its interest in the state's history, the club has maintained close ties with the Kansas Historical Society since its inception.

The mission of the WKDC is to develop loyalty and pride in Kansas for its past, present, and future achievements; to promote the cultural and scientific development of Kansas; and to cooperate with the Kansas Historical Society in the collection and preservation of Kansas historical records, written articles, and worthwhile projects.

Every year, the WKDC collects information on that year's research theme, which is chosen by the president. The project director and the regional directors compile the information, which is presented to the Historical Society at the club's annual meeting. It also donates a monetary gift to the Historical Society at the end of the year from it's treasury reserves.

The members of the Woman's Kansas Day Club have provided a number of items for the Historical Society's collections over the years, including the first automobile built by a Kansas manufacturer, an early Kansas parlor with period furnishings, dolls costumed in the style and fabric of first lady and first gentlemen inaugural costumes, a plate glass display case to display the silver from the battleship Kansas, and $8,600 towards the restoration of the Stach School on the Historical Society grounds.

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