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Isaac Goodnow residence, Manhattan, Kansas

These are two photographs of the Isaac Goodnow property. Isaac T. Goodnow, a native of Vermont, came to Kansas in 1855 with the New England Emigrant Aid Company. The company had the idea of building a community, which would eventually become Manhattan. Goodnow became heavily involved in the free state disputes that argued whether Kansas ought to become a free or slave state. He became a co-founder and the first president of Bluemont College. Perhaps Goodnow's greatest contribution to the educational climate of Manhattan was his work in locating the Kansas Agricultural College there. The building and grounds of Bluemont College were donated to the state to serve as the foundation for the new institution, which developed into the present-day Kansas State University. Some 82,000 acres of land were given by the federal government to support the agricultural college. Goodnow converted more than half of this acreage into much needed cash during his tenure as land agent for the college from 1867 to 1873. Goodnow spent most of his life in service to the state of Kansas. He died in 1894. The house that he and his wife, Ellen, occupied is now Goodnow House State Historic Site, administered by the Kansas Historical Society.


Cattle in a fenced pasture

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

This is a view of cattle in a fenced pasture, next to a barn, on an unidentified farm presumed to be in Haskell County, Kansas. Also visible in the photograph are a man afoot, a horse-drawn carriage, a farmhouse and outlying farm buildings, and a man and boys astride horses.


Residences in Sheridan County, Kansas

These are two images of residences in Sheridan County, Kansas. The first photograph is of a sod house with a frame barn, stone fence, and a stone one-level house. Work horses are standing by the barn. The second photograph shows a group of people outside a wood frame two-story home with a lean-to. Visible are a barrel to catch rain water and a chicken coop.


Dust Storm

Herschel C. Logan

Woodcut entitled ?Dust Storm? by Herschel C. Logan. The artist was a charter member of the influential Prairie Print Makers, a group dedicated to promoting print making and offering affordable art to collectors. Logan studied commercial art at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He directed the Consolidated Printing and Stationery Company in Salina, Kansas, for many years. Logan?s printmaking career spanned just 18 years but his work received much acclaim.


Dugout in Hamilton County, Kansas

This photograph shows a family with their dugout and windmill in Hamilton County, Kansas.


Milk maids at the Kansas Women's Industrial Farm, Lansing, Kansas

This photograph shows the dairy barn and milk maids at the Kansas Women's Industrial Farm in Lansing, Kansas. In 1916, this facility was established, and, for a year, it was a branch of the men's prison at the Kansas State Penitentiary in Leavenworth County. In 1917, it began operating as a separate, satellite unit. The Industrial Farm was under the supervision of the State Board of Administration before coming under the control of the Board of Penal Institutions, which was eventually reorganized as the Department of Corrections. It housed women who had committed crimes against the state. In 1980, the facility became co-correctional and the name was changed to the Kansas Correctional Institution at Lansing in 1983.


The Zirkle and Goss families, Finney County, Kansas

The photograph shows the Zirkle and Goss families, posing around an automobile for a group photo.


Fairgrounds, Finney County Fair, Finney County, Kansas

Photograph showing a view of the Finney County Fair, in Finney County, Kansas.


Mary Leona Butler interview, Offerle, Kansas

Butler, Mary Leona (Erickson)

This transcript of an interview with Mary Leona Butler is part of an oral history project entitled "Patterns of Change, Edwards County, Kansas 1950-1970" conducted by the Kinsley Public Library. The project was supported by a Kansas Humanities Council Heritage Grant. Butler talks of her family, education, and her memories of the Edwards County community.


Transactions of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture, 1917-1918

Kansas State Board of Agriculture

This biennial report from the Kansas State Board of Agriculture includes information on irrigation, farm animals, crops, birds, and a photo contest featuring Kansas barns. Also listed are county statistics on population, acreages, productions, live stock, and assessed valuation of property.

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