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Picnicking on watermelon

This photograph from a glass plate negative shows two woman and a young child picnicking on slices of watermelon.


Kansas Official Council, Topeka, Kansas

Paul Harrison

This is a panoramic photo of the members of the Kansas Official Council, Topeka, Kansas, grouped on the steps of the Capitol. This is a gathering of various county officials and the 1924 meeting was, apparently, the largest group to that time. A newspaper article indicated that 750 people attended. There is a banner that says "Kansas Grows the Best Wheat in the World." A boys band, including some African-American boys, is kneeling at the front of the group.


Consolidated school in Minneola, Kansas

This is a panoramic photo showing students and teachers standing outside the Consolidated School in Minneola, Clark County, Kansas. The students appear to be both primary and secondary students.


Little Chief and family

Portrait of Pottawatomie Indian Little Chief and his family


Sheridan County, Kansas, farm scene

This photograph is of an unidentified farm yard in Sheridan County, Kansas. Visible are two sod buildings, two boys with dog in the foreground, two women with a toddler near a wagon, a man with work horses by hay stack, another man and two children on another wagon, and two cows.


Sunny Side School, Jefferson County, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows a group of students and their teacher, Vernona Wellman, standing outside of the Sunny Side School in Jefferson County, Kansas. The students have been identified from left to right as follows: FRONT ROW: Elwood Schultz, Warren Bussing, Hazel Shaw, Marie Worthington, Maxine Murphy. SECOND ROW: ___? __, Bryan Neal, Claude Gordon, Grace Ford, Lila Ousdahl, Marcella Murphy, Gladys Wiebel, Earl Curl, Bryone Wilson, Frank Jones. BACK ROW: Lloyd Jones, Waldo Schultz, Bennie Leeman, Ruth Gordon, Arthur Jones, Harold Sage, Lola Wilbur, Grace Schultz, Verona Wellman-teacher.


Cultivating potatoes, Valley Falls, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows a woman with children cultivating potatoes in a field near Valley Falls, Kansas.


J. P. Emery residence, Cimarron, Kansas

This is a photograph of the J. P. Emery residence in Cimarron, Kansas. Pictured are a man and woman, a child on a horse, and a horse and buggy.


Students standing in front of school, Cimarron, Kansas

This is a photograph of students and their teacher, Tekla Larson, standing in front of District 101 school, Cimarron, Kansas.


Santa Fe courier nurse

Erb, Don

This black and white photograph shows a Santa Fe courier nurse with two young passengers selecting snacks aboard the passenger train the San Francisco Chief. The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company assigned registered nurses, known as couriers, to their passenger trains from the 1930s to the 1960s to attend to the medical needs of passengers.

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