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Charles Jesse Jones (Buffalo Jones)

A photograph showing Charles Jesse "Buffalo" Jones seated in a cart driving a team of buffalo.


Road construction, Beloit, Kansas

This photograph shows men building roads on a Good Roads Day, Beloit, Kansas.


Fort Scott soldiers

This photograph of two men on horses at Fort Scott was probably taken between 1863 and 1865. The man in the foreground is Corporal George Henry McCoon, company saddler in the 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry. The photograph shows the Fort Scott stables in the background. Corporal McCoon married in Fort Scott shortly after the Civil War, then relocated to Oregon and later to California. Patron supplied information suggests Ina Riley Wilson, a McCoon descendent, donated the original tintype to the Fort Scott Historical Society prior to 1979 from which KSHS obtained a copy.


Nicodemus, Kansas

This photograph captures the bustling main street in Nicodemus, Graham County, a settlement founded by African Americans in 1877. It includes a number of townspeople and the Williams Mercantile store. The building on the far left is believed to be the First Baptist Church. The new First Baptist Church was built in 1907 around this church; once the new building was completed, Nicodemus residents demolished the original church. The new building is now part of the National Parks Service historic site.


Landon Notification Day Parade

Horses and covered wagons participating in Alfred Mossman Landon's Notification Day parade, July 23, 1936.


Wind wagon, Logan County, Kansas

This photograph shows George Bull and Clint McIntosh with a wind wagon, Logan County, Kansas.


William H. Russell

A formal portrait of William H. Russell, who was a proslavery supporter and businessman. In the winter of 1858-1859, Russell, with Alexander Majors, William Waddell, and John Jones, founded the Leavenworth and Pike's Peak Express Company, a freight and stage company that operated between Leavenworth and Denver, Colorado. In February, 1860, it was reorganized as the Central Overland California & Pike's Peak Express Company. In 1860, Russell, with partners Majors and Waddell, created the first Pony Express, which connected St. Joseph, Missouri, across 2,000 miles to the state of California.


Mess wagon of the S--T outfit, near Lipscomb, Texas

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

This photograph shows a group of cowboys in front of the mess wagon of the S--T outfit, near Lipscomb, Texas,


B. R. Grimes' mount and day herd, Woodward County, Oklahoma Territory

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

View of cowboys on their horses with the mount and day herd. Cowboys changed horses two to three times a day, so the mount and day herd was a supply of rested animals. In the background, is a cattle herd with strays that were gathered up from different pastures. Two chuckwagons are visible in the background.


Three Block trail outfit of New Mexico enroute for Sterling, Kansas

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

This is an 1898 photograph of the "Three Block" trail outfit of New Mexico, enroute for Sterling, Kansas. It shows cattle, mess wagons, mounts and riders. There were an estimated 15,000 head of cattle in this herd.

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