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North Star Drug Store, Salina, Kansas

These photographs show exterior and interior views of the North Star Drug Store in Salina, Kansas. The first photograph shows an exterior view of the store with four men standing in front of the doorway. They are identified as Emil Lagbach, Bill Cacher (son of Dr. Cacher), A. Lagbach (assistant), and Mister Nelson (druggist). The sign above the doorway includes the traditional mortar and pestle pharmacy symbol, and also has the words "Svensk Apotek," identifying the store as a "Swedish pharmacy." Signs in the window advertise "Wa-Hoo Blood and Nerve Tonic." The second photograph shows an interior view of the store with employees and customers visible in the picture. A display case with boxes of cigars is visible on the left. A table with newspapers and magazines on it is visible in the middle, with other tables and chairs behind it. A soda fountain service counter is visible on the right. Signs above the shelves advertise cigars, perfumes, photo supplies, rubber goods, prescriptions, stationery, and candy.


Olaf Olsson

This black and white photograph shows Pastor Olaf Olsson, also spelled Olof Olsson. Olsson settled in Lindsborg, Kansas and was the religious leader of the Swedish Lutheran congregation.


Carl A. Swensson

This black and white photograph shows Reverend Dr. Carl A. Swensson. He was the leader of the Swedish Lutheran Church and founder of Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. The photograph was taken by Bror Gustaf Grondal in Lindsborg, Kansas.


Marijana Grisnik as a young child.

Rolland Studio

Photograph portrait of Marijana Grisnik. She is well known for her paintings of Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, Kansas.


Volga-German Golden Jubilee, Hays, Kansas

This is an unidentified band in the Volga-German Golden Jubilee celebration in Hays, Kansas.


Lange's Drug Store, Leavenworth, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of Lange's Drug Store on the corner of 4th and Shawnee streets in Leavenworth, Kansas. A sign advertising "Drugs and Medicines" and showing the traditional mortar and pestle pharmacy symbol is visible. The large sign on the right side of the building reads, "Lange's Drug Store. Drugs and medicines, paints, oils, brushes, and glass. Choice wines and liquors. Fine perfumery, toilet articles, soaps, sponges. Trusses a specialty. Prescriptions compounded day and night. Old Wizard oil, best family medicine." The sign farther to the right advertises "Tutt's Liver Pills." The sign above the arched window on the corner reads "Apotheke," the German word for a pharmacy . The sign to the left reads "Adolf Lange." Other businesses visible to the left of the picture include a store for boots and shoes, and a store with a sign reading, "Commission. Gus. O. L. Sauer." Two horse-drawn wagons are visible on the left, and trolley tracks are visible running along the dirt street. This same building was previously the Central Drug Store owned by Theodore Egersdorff.


Marijana Grisnik

Grisnik, Edward

Marijana Grisnik, 1936-, posed in her dining room with samples of Povitica, a traditional Croatian bread.


Kepka Belton

Kansas State Historical Society. Library and Archives Division

An informal portrait of artist Kepka Belton, of Ellsworth, Kansas, demonstrating Czech egg decorating. Belton has become known all over the country as "the egg lady." People write to her from every state, wanting recipes, eggs, designs, and information about their Czech heritage. She teaches egg painting and traditional Czech design in the local schools and has taught young artists in the Kansas Folk Apprenticeship Program. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Midwest and at the Festival of American Folklife at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.


Marijana Grisnik

Grisnik, Edward

Marijana Grisnik seated on her front porch, Kansas City, Kansas.


Reverend Maurice Ackerman, Ellis, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows Reverend Maurice Ackerman a member of the Volga German community of Ellis, Kansas. Like many Volga Germans, he was lured to Kansas by railroad advertising campaigns that promoted the sell of productive farmland and exemption from military service on religious grounds. With these incentives for settlement and religious freedom,Volga Germans immigrated toward the Ellis, Rush, and Russell counties to buy the lands owned by the railroad companies. In those close knit and sometimes isolated communities, German customs and strong religious beliefs were maintained for several decades.

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