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Rural mail carriers, Uniontown, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows a family gathered around an automobile with the caption stating they were U.S. mail carriers on Route # 3 in Uniontown, Kansas.


Elmo Mahoney in a Reo automobile, Dorrance, Kansas

Halbe, L. W. (Leslie Winfield), 1893-1981

View of a couple looking at a toddler, Elmo Mahoney, seated in an open Reo automobile in Dorrance, Russell County, Kansas. Also visible are a garage or barn built with corrugated metal siding and door, a wooden picket fence, a tree, and a house in the background.


The Zirkle and Goss families, Finney County, Kansas

The photograph shows the Zirkle and Goss families, posing around an automobile for a group photo.


Lake Valley School, Finney County, Kansas

The photograph shows a group of unidentified people in front of the Lake Valley School in Finney County, Kansas in 1917.


David Paul home, Weskan, Kansas


This black and white photograph shows a group of people standing beside an automobile as cattle roam nearby. In the background the homestead of Mr. and Mrs. David Paul is visible. The two-story structure was original a hotel for men in 1888. For a number of years Fourth of July celebrations were held in the grove of trees. There is a windmill by the house. The photo is near Weskan, Wallace County.


Edwin Boyer cranking his Buick automobile near Grainfield, Kansas

This is a photograph showing Edwin Boyer cranking his Buick automobile on a road near Grainfield, Kansas. The people in the photograph are: Robert Albin, resting his arms on the window; Thomas Bishop Albin, with mustache; S. R. Scott's sister is at the steering wheel; Flora Albin Boyer, front seat; Tom Rice, young boy on running board; Otto Albin, back seat; Lon Rice, young boy in back seat; Rose Albin Rice, back seat; Stanley Richmond Scott, back seat; and Stella Albin Scott.


Joseph Brown family in an automobile, Dorrance, Kansas

Halbe, L. W. (Leslie Winfield), 1893-1981

View of Joseph Brown and family in an automobile, Dorrance, Kan. There are two adults and two children in the automobile.


Abraham Coffman family in Topeka, Kansas

This photograph from 1923 shows members of the Abraham Coffman family posing with the family automobile. Included are Abraham, his wife Lilly Mae, and their children Ted, twins Loyd and Floyd, Leavern, and Hazel. Coffman was a painter in Topeka, Kansas. Not pictured in the photo are the three youngest children, Ed, Abraham Jr., and Kenneth. The boys in the family would later become involved, to varying extents, in Topeka?s baseball community. The Coffman name was especially associated with the Topeka Decker Oilers, a successful semi-pro baseball team in the late 1940s and 1950s. Vern Coffman was the team?s manager, Ed was an outfielder, and Junior (Abraham, Jr.) was a mainstay in the pitching staff. Vern?s sons, Harland and Burton, also played on the team. Digital reproduction of the photograph was accomplished through a joint project sponsored by the Kansas Historical Society and the Shawnee County Baseball Hall of Fame.


E. S. Hopper driving a Ford automobile, Dorrance, Kansas

Halbe, L. W. (Leslie Winfield), 1893-1981

View of E. S. Hopper driving a Ford automobile decorated with U. S. flags, Dorrance, Kan. There are three people in the automobile, three children standing on the running board, and a woman standing next to the automobile.


Children, Gray County, Kansas

Bailey, Marion W.

This photograph shows children on a wagon, possibly participating in a parade, Gray County, Kasnas.

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