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Fitch Drug Store and Pickard's General Store, Washington, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of Fitch Drug Store and Pickard's General Store located on the north-northwest corner of the square in Washington, Kansas. Signs on Pickard's store read, "Regulator," and "Pickard's Store is now in full blast. Clothing, dry goods, hats, and shoes." A few people are visible in front of the stores, and an American flag is visible flying above Pickard's store. A filling station and the Healy Garage were later built on the site.


R. B. Hogue Drug Store and Hardware store, New Albany, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of the R. B. Hogue Drug Store and a Hardware store in New Albany, Kansas. The drug store shows the traditional mortar and pestle pharmacy symbol painted on the side of the building. Six men and a boy are visible standing in front of the buildings.


Republic Pharmacy, Belleville, Kansas

This colored post card photograph shows an interior view of the Republic Pharmacy in Belleville, Kansas. The proprietor is W. D. Haning, M. D. Three men are visible in the store. There are long display cases and shelves full of items for sale along both sides of the store, with a soda fountain visible in the right foreground of the picture.


City Drug Store, Dodge City, Kansas

These photographs show interior views of the City Drug Store located on the northwest corner of Front and 2nd Avenue in Dodge City, Kansas. The first photograph shows Dr. Walter F. Pine, Dr. T. L. McCarty, and Dr. C. A. Milton standing in the store with various items on display on the shelves in the background. The second photograph shows several employees and customers in the store. The people pictured are (from left to right): Druggist Mervin, Mrs. J. H. Phillips, an unidentified lady, Dr. Walter F. Pine, Dr. Claude E. McCarty, Dr. T. L. McCarty, and Lutie Welch.


Drug stores on Broadway Street, Marysville, Kansas

These photographs show four views at different times of drug stores and other businesses on Broadway Street in Marysville, Kansas. The first photograph shows Broadway looking east around 1873, with a building marked "Drug Store" visible on the right side of the street. The second photograph shows a view looking west on Broadway (although the caption calls it Main Street) around 1911, with a sign for "E. D. Vincent, Druggist" visible on the side of a building. An unusual sight in this photograph is a man standing on the top of a utility pole, visible just below the right end of the druggist sign. The third photograph, also from 1911, shows Broadway looking east, with the sign for E. D. Vincent's Drug Store barely visible in the background of the right side of the street. The fourth photograph shows almost the same view of Broadway looking west around the 1920s. The sign on the building reads "A and B Drug Company, the Rexall Store." The first two photographs have horses and carriages visible, the third photograph has both carriages and automobiles visible, and the fourth photograph has numerous automobiles visible along the street.


M. H. Bates Drug Store, Emporia, Kansas

This photograph shows the M. H. Bates Drug Store in Emporia, Kansas. Moses Bates is identified as the first druggist in Emporia. Other businesses visible on the block include a dry goods store, the Holmes and Holden Land Office, and C. A. Wolf Undertaking. Several people are visible standing on the sidewalks, and a horse-drawn carriage and a wagon are visible.


Lange's Drug Store, Leavenworth, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of Lange's Drug Store on the corner of 4th and Shawnee streets in Leavenworth, Kansas. A sign advertising "Drugs and Medicines" and showing the traditional mortar and pestle pharmacy symbol is visible. The large sign on the right side of the building reads, "Lange's Drug Store. Drugs and medicines, paints, oils, brushes, and glass. Choice wines and liquors. Fine perfumery, toilet articles, soaps, sponges. Trusses a specialty. Prescriptions compounded day and night. Old Wizard oil, best family medicine." The sign farther to the right advertises "Tutt's Liver Pills." The sign above the arched window on the corner reads "Apotheke," the German word for a pharmacy . The sign to the left reads "Adolf Lange." Other businesses visible to the left of the picture include a store for boots and shoes, and a store with a sign reading, "Commission. Gus. O. L. Sauer." Two horse-drawn wagons are visible on the left, and trolley tracks are visible running along the dirt street. This same building was previously the Central Drug Store owned by Theodore Egersdorff.


Business directory, Coronado, Kansas

This image shows a photographic business directory titled, "Coronado, the Railroad Town of Wichita County, Kansas." There are 25 photographs of business buildings with a list of the businesses below the pictures. Business number 2 (pictured on the top row, second from the left) is listed as "A. J. Wright Drugs, Stationery, Perfumes, Holiday articles." Other businesses listed include a bank, hardware stores, grocery stores, general merchandise stores, a church, livery barns, a contractor, a barber shop, lumber yards, a law office, a hotel, a meat market, and a blacksmith.


S. H. Snyder Pharmacy, Neodesha, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of the S. H. Snyder Pharmacy in Neodesha, Kansas. The store's sign below the balcony reads, "S. H. Snyder. Drugs, medicines, wall paper, paints, oils, and window glass." The sign at the top of the building's fašade reads, "I. O. O. F. Hall." A crowd of people is visible standing outside the building, with several people holding umbrellas. There are several women visible on the balcony of the building, and the railing of the balcony is decorated with bunting and several unidentified flags.


Durant Drug Store, Topeka, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of the original Durant Drug Store located at 1316 West 15th Street in Topeka, Kansas. A man is visible standing in front of the store. The sign on the left window reads, "S. W. Durant, M. D." The sign on the right window advertises postage stamps. The hanging sign above the doorway advertises "Delicious soda water, Choice Havana and domestic cigars." A sign in the left window advertises the store as an agency for the White Star Laundry in Topeka. Various other signs are partially visible in the front windows of the store.

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