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Mothers meeting at Sheldon Kindergarten, Topeka, Kansas

This is a photograph of the mothers of kindergarten students in a meeting at the Sheldon Kindergarten in Topeka, Kansas. In 1893, Charles Monroe Sheldon, pastor of Topeka's Central Congregational Church, worked with Topeka's "Tennessee Town" community to organize the first African American kindergarten west of the Mississippi River.


Lilla Day Monroe

Lilla Day Monroe, 1858-1929, was a Kansas journalist who established and edited "The Club Woman" and "The Kansas Woman's Journal." As editor of "The Kansas Woman's Journal," Monroe solicited reminiscences of pioneer life from Kansas women, receiving hundreds of responses. She organized these reminiscences into a collection, and published many of them in the journal. She was also an active supporter of women's suffrage, being a member of the Kansas State Suffrage Association and serving as its president for several years.


John Whitnah Leedy house, Leroy, Kansas

This photograph represents the John Whitnah Leedy house in Leroy, Kansas. John W. Leedy was a Populist State Senator from 1893 to 1897, and Kansas Governor from 1897 to 1899. Standing at the left of the photograph is the eldest child of John W. and Sarah Leedy, Clara Romaine. To Clara's right in Margaret Amos, mother of John W. Beside her, is Sarah Leedy standing with her husband John W. and the Leedy's only son Boyd.


Jeremiah ("Sockless Jerry") Simpson

Jerry Simpson in an 1892 debate with Chester I. Long for the seat in United States House of Representatives. Simpson debated Long at Harper, Kansas.


Henry J. Adams house, formerly home of Sheriff Jones, Lecompton, Kansas

A photograph of the Henry J. Adams house, formerly the home of Sheriff Samuel Jones. On May 21, 1856, Sheriff Jones, accompanied by a group of proslavery men acting as his posse, entered Lawrence intent on destroying the offices of the Herald of Freedom and the Kansas Free State . In the raid that followed, they destroyed the newspaper offices (dumping their newspaper type in the Kansas River), looted several other businesses and burned the Free State Hotel (later the Eldridge House). This action became widely known as the "sack of Lawrence."


Mount Aeolia, home of Territorial Governor Frederick P. Stanton, Lecompton, Kansas

A photograph of Mount Aeolia, the home of Territorial Governor Frederick P. Stanton, near Lecompton, Kansas. The house would later be owned by Governor Harry Woodring.

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