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Garfield School, Topeka, Kansas

Three black and white photographs of Garfield School in Topeka, Kansas, serving as an emergency hospital, possibly during the Spanish Influenza epidemic.


Allen County, Kansas, floods--1951

These numerous photographs show flooding and flood damage from the Neosho River in Allen County, Kansas. High water marks can be seen on many buildings, as well as debris and destruction left by the water. Many homes, businesses, and public buildings were affected. These photographs were part of a preliminary survey by the Flood Control Committee of the Iola Chamber of Commerce on August 10, 1951. Many of the photos have additional information on their backs.


Kansas Territory citizens to the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America

This unsigned statement was written to protest "the practice of taxing the people of the Territories for the support of a Government in which they are not represented." The residents of Kansas Territory complained that they had had no voice in how these tax dollars were appropriated, and they asked this "honorable body" to remit to them these taxes. Since this was during the drought of 1860, they declared that they would use these funds for famine relief.


Lawrence Litwin oral history

Litwin, Lawrence T., d. 1989

This is an oral interview with Lawrence Litwin, conducted by his family in Topeka, Kansas. The Litwin family owned and operated many businesses throughout Kansas, including businesses in Topeka, North Topeka, Lawrence, and Chanute. In addition to his business career, Litwin discusses his childhood, family history, military career, and his activity and involvement in the Jewish community.


Ron Clayton oral history

Clayton, Ron

A fireman in Mullinsville, Kansas, ten miles west of Greensburg, in Kiowa County, Ron Clayton describes his experience as a first responder to the May 4, 2007, EF5 tornado that destroyed Greensburg.


Fire destroys Ottawa's Hamblin House

The Hamblin House hotel was erected in 1867 on the southwest corner of Second and Main in Ottawa, Kansas. It was destroyed by fire on February 10, 1895.


Leigh R. Webber to Miss Brown, daughter of John Stillman Brown

Webber, L. R.

This letter, written by Leigh R. Webber from Lawrence, Kansas Territory, was addressed to Miss Brown, a daughter of John Stillman Brown. Webber wrote about sickness in the Brown family and about other personal matters, such as her father's work as a minister. He also kept her apprised of politics, both in Kansas and on the national scene, and spoke briefly of John Brown's "insane undertaking."


Fire department, Garden City, Finney County, Kansas

The photograph shows Garden City, Finney County, Kansas' 500 gallon pumper bought in 1927 and retired in 1962. The photograph shows what may have been an actual fire. The scene is behind the Stone Hotel, looking west. Also in the background of the photograph, the Methodist Church is visible.


John James Ingalls to Elias T. Ingalls

Ingalls, John James, 1833-1900

The biggest share of this 8-page letter is devoted to comments on the weather and the environment, in and around Atchison, where Ingalls now had a law practice (for a time, he continued to live in Sumner). He missed some aspects of "Massachusetts weather," but overall he thought Kansas superior: "I have not had a cold in six months and but one or two since I came here . . . [and] The attacks of melancholy and despondency to which I was once a prey have also almost entirely disappeared." Ingalls also wrote of two arson fires--"a large grocery house" and "the steamer Hesperian," and the expected fate of the suspect then in custody.


Dust storm's sweep awe-inspiring, fearful, yet beautiful, says Mrs. Doane

Topeka Capital

This brief article includes excerpts from a letter written by Gertrude Fay Doane, a grade-school teacher in Winona, Kansas. She vividly describes a dust storm that hit her schoolhouse, writing that ?clouds, rolling like smoke from the horizon high into the heavens, interspersed by sheets of dark blue, were being driven by some horrible force onward toward us.? Doane also recounts the next day?s rabbit drive and applauds the optimism of western Kansans in the midst of the Dust Bowl.

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