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Boeing Airplane Company, Wichita, Kansas

Boeing Airplane Company

This is a view of men and women employees working on B-29 Superfortress airplanes at the Boeing Airplane Company plant in Wichita, Kansas.


American War Mothers, Topeka Chapter, records

American War Mothers. Topeka Chapter

The records of the Topeka Chapter of the American War Mothers includes a complete set of minutes, membership rolls, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous material. This collection documents the activities of the American War Mothers focus on patriotic and service since the Topeka Chapter's start in 1927 to its disbandment in 1976. The American War Mothers, a national organization founded in 1917 and incorporated by act of Congress in 1925, is a perpetual patriotic, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, non-partisan organization whose members are mothers of children who have served or are serving in the U.S. Armed Services during a time of conflict.


Eula Gentzler papers

Gentzler, Eula (Eula A.), 1910-1992

This collection consists of letters written by Eula Gentzler to her parents in Topeka, Kansas, and official military correspondence as a U.S. Army nurse. Miss Gentzler referred to hospital ship activities, places she visited, and family references. Occasionally Eula expressed her thoughts on the war. Eula A. Gentzler was born November 10, 1910, in Belleville, Kansas. Her father Ernest T. Gentzler was a fireman for the Union Pacific Railroad. The family moved to Topeka when Eula was, approximately, thirteen years old. She graduated from Topeka High School and, later, the Asbury Hospital School of Nursing in Salina, Kansas, in 1937. She enlisted in the U. S. Army Nurse Corps in October, 1942. She was discharged in Octorber, 1945, but was recalled during the Korean conflict serving from 1951 to 1957. Miss Gentzler was sent to Europe in the fall of 1943. She was assigned to duty on the hospital ships Shamrock and Arcadia, working in surgery as well as the wards. Both carried approximately 800 patients. The ships carried injured servicemen from North Africa and Europe to the U. S., requiring six weeks to make a trip across, pick up a load of patients, and return. When in the war zone, they would get patients during battles and would then work extended shifts. Miss Gentzler recalled that during the battle at Enzio, they started surgery at 1 p.m. and operated until 5 a.m. the next morning. On another occasion, they picked up a load of British sailors whose mine sweeper had been bombed and the hospital crew worked all night until they ran out of supplies. Eula Gentzler died on April 13, 1992.


Fighting fit in the factory

World War II era poster of a drawing of a woman working in a factory.


Buying a bond is no sacrifice

This World War II era poster depicts a woman holding her child in her arms with a letter nearby "Missing in Action."


Women! You are needed in the National Fire Service

World War II era poster showing a drawing of a women wearing a helmet. The poster encourages women to join the National Fire Service as a telephonist, despatch rider, driver, canteen worker, and for many other duties.


Make nursing your war job

World War II era poster showing a photo of a nurse and a drawing of patients. The poster portrays nursing as a promising profession for women, especially during wartime.


Women you must help! Join the Auxiliary Territorial Service

World War II era poster urging women to join the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women's branch of the British Army.


Victory Is In Your Hands!

World War II era poster showing photos of women doing various jobs. The subtitle reads "Tighten your grip - get into war work."


Women on a bus trip, Junction City, Kansas

United States. Works Progress Administration

A photograph showing African American women traveling on a bus to an event in Junction City, Kansas, part of the Works Progress Administration.

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