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Commercial Street, Lyons, Kansas

This photograph shows businesses along Commercial Street between East and West Avenues in Lyons, Kansas. Towards the right side of the picture are Swensson Drugs and, just a little farther to the right, Rexall Drugs. Other businesses visible include (from left to right) Chandler National Bank, Anderson Lunch, Groceries and Meats: A Home Grown Store, a lawyer's office, Jones Bakery, a furniture store, a men's wear store, and J. C. Penney Company. Three automobiles are visible parked along the street.


Business directory, Coronado, Kansas

This image shows a photographic business directory titled, "Coronado, the Railroad Town of Wichita County, Kansas." There are 25 photographs of business buildings with a list of the businesses below the pictures. Business number 2 (pictured on the top row, second from the left) is listed as "A. J. Wright Drugs, Stationery, Perfumes, Holiday articles." Other businesses listed include a bank, hardware stores, grocery stores, general merchandise stores, a church, livery barns, a contractor, a barber shop, lumber yards, a law office, a hotel, a meat market, and a blacksmith.


A and B Drug Company on Broadway, Marysville, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of the A and B Drug Company on Broadway west of 10th Street in Marysville, Kansas. The sign on the side of the building also reads, "The Rexall Store, where you get what you call for." To the left of the drug store, a sign for W. H. Grindle's Dental Office is visible. Other businesses partially visible along the street include Electric Signs Talk, Isis Theatre, Exchange Bank, a shoe store, the City Bakery, a grocery store, another drug store, Independent Garage, and Pioneer Tire Service. A few people are visible walking on the sidewalks, and many automobiles are visible parked or driving along the street.


Street Scene, Burlingame, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of several business buildings in Burlingame, Kansas. The business on the corner is the First National Bank. The sign on the third store from the left reads, "Chas. Lyons, Druggist." The post in front of the store at the edge of the street has the traditional mortar and pestle pharmacy symbol on top of it. Other businesses visible in the picture include First National Bank, and Drew and Finch Dry Goods. Two horse-drawn carriages are visible on the left side of the photograph.


De Soto Drug Store, De Soto, Kansas

These photographs show exterior views of the De Soto Drug Store in De Soto, Kansas. The left side of the building is occupied by the De Soto State Bank. The white rectangle near the top of the fašade has a date for the building which possibly reads 1908. One picture shows the bank, drug store, and an unidentified house. The other picture shows a man standing in front of the drug store. A reflection in the store window shows a utility pole with wires connected to it. To the right of the drug store, just right of the small steps on the sidewalk, a small brief case or doctor's bag is visible on the sidewalk. At the far right of the picture is an object marked "Gasolene, Day-Night." It may be an early gasoline pump.


Street Scene, Osborne, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of Exchange National Bank and the Baldwin and Company Druggists in Osborne, Kansas. Other businesses visible include a store with a sign reading "restaurant and groceries," and Parson's.


Businesses and agricultural equipment, Ramona, Kansas

A street view in Ramona, Kansas. Agricultural equipment is lined up along the street at harvesting time, and several business buildings are in view. Businesses visible include Strickler and Company General Merchandise, Grain, and Coal; a shoe store; a drug store; the Ramona State Bank; a hotel; and Canton P and O Plows. Several people are visible in front of the buildings.


L. W. Halbe collection

Halbe, L. W. (Leslie Winfield), 1893-1981

The L. W. (Leslie Winfield) Halbe photo collection consists of 1500 glass plate negatives produced by Halbe during his teenage years. Halbe lived in Dorrance, Russell County, Kansas, and began taking photographs of the region with an inexpensive Sears and Roebuck camera when he was fifteen years old.

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