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Menninger clinical staff in Topeka, Kansas

Informal photographs of staff members taken by William Simpson, M.D. in the Stone Conference Room.


Industrial mental health seminars at the Menninger Foundation Topeka, Kansas

A photograph of an Industrial Mental Health seminar. Menninger sponsored many of these seminars over the years to educate leaders in mental wellness.


Historic Psychiatry original miscellaneous documents

These are a variety of handwritten and typed letters, lectures, autographs, news clippings, biographical information, images and sketches, court documents, and other documents related to the history of psychiatry. These documents are housed in four boxes and the folders within are arranged alphabetically by surname or title, and they are included in the larger collection of historic psychiatry material in the Menninger Archives. Authors come from such fields as medicine, religion, prison and other reform and advocacy movements, politics, the military, etc. The documents themselves sometimes provide significant information, and sometimes they were collected because their authors were significant historical figures. Some of the individuals found in Box 1 include James Mark Baldwin, Ludwig Binswanger, Eugen Bleuler, Jean-Martin Charcot, Elizabeth Fry, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Carl Jung. Some of the individuals found in Box 2 include Alfred Adler, Robert Frost, and Washinton Irving. This box also includes a 68-page handwritten notebook by Dr. W.W. Reed entitled "Reminiscenses About the Treatment of the Insane." Some of the individuals found in Box 3 include Amariah Brigham and Frederick van Eeden. This box also includes a correspondence file (1883-1888) on Ellen Kehoe, a patient at the Worcester Lunatic Hospital in Massachusetts, and a series of drawings from the 1920s and 1930s by a Belgian patient suffering from paranoia named Andreas at the Kankakee State Hospital in Illinois. The drawings were donated by Dr. J.B. Gier, formerly of the Topeka Veteran's Administration Hospital, who knew the patient and encouraged his work. Box 4 includes a miscellaneous folder regarding insane asylums and contains legal documents, postcard images, and receipts for services. Languages include English, German, French and Italian, and transcriptions or translations follow some of the documents.


Industrial mental health meeting at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas

This is a group photograph showing the physicians who attended the Industrial Mental Health Seminar sponsored by the Menninger Clinic.


Staff of the Menninger Outpatient Department in Topeka, Kansas

The Staff of outpatient services are: (seated) Dr. Gertrude Ticho, Miss Winifed Wheeler, Dr. Michalina Fabian, Dr. Prescott Thompson, Miss Audrey Johnson, Dr. Robert Forman. Standing are Dr. Irwin Rosen, Dr. william Tarnower, Dr. Richard Siegal, Dr. Stephen Appelbaum, Dr. William Robinson, III, Dr. Bernard Hall and Dr. Martin Mayman. The Menninger Clinic remains one of the primary North American settings supporting psychodynamically informed research on clinical diagnosis, assessment, and treatment.


William Claire Menninger, M.D., at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas

A portrait of Dr. Will Menninger in his office at the Menninger Clinic. Dr. Will, his father Dr. C.F., and his brother Dr. Karl, formed a group psychiatry practice in 1919. The Menninger Clinic as a sanitarium was established in 1925 with the purchase of a farm house and admittance of 12 patients. Their philosophy was that mental illness could be treated with an integrated medical, psychodynamic, and developmental approach for the total health of patients. Dr. Will is known as one of the key influences in the development of a psychiatric guide which later became known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.


C. F. Menninger Memorial Hospital, Topeka, Kansas

These photographs show interior views of the C.F. Menninger Memorial Hospital when it hosted an Open House. This was another stage in the development of the Menninger Clinic. Menninger is a leading psychiatric hospital dedicated to treating individuals with mood, personality, anxiety and addictive disorders, teaching mental health professionals and advancing mental healthcare through research. It was located in Topeka, Kansas, from 1925 to 2003 and is now in Houston, Texas.

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