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Annie (Le Porte) Diggs


A portrait of Annie (Le Porte) Diggs, who was born in 1848 in Canada to an American mother and French father. Two years later the family moved to New Jersey, where she attended school. Diggs moved to Lawrence, Kansas, in 1873 and married Alvin S. Diggs shortly thereafter. While in Kansas, Diggs began to attend the local Unitarian Church and developed a strong sense of moral responsibility that prompted her to work for temperance and women?s suffrage. During 1882, Diggs and her husband published the newspaper Kansas Liberal, and beginning in 1890 she was the associate editor of the Alliance Advocate. As a radical reformer seeking to wipe out injustice, Diggs also allied herself with the Farmer?s Alliance, aiding in the creation of the People's (Populist) Party, serving on the Populist National Committee, and supporting the fusion of the Populist and Democratic parties in the 1898 election. Throughout this time she continued to work actively for women?s voting rights and served in the Kansas Equal Suffrage Association. In 1898, she was appointed the state librarian of Kansas, and she was also elected president of Kansas Press Women in 1905. Diggs moved to New York City in 1906, where she worked on two publications: The Story of Jerry Simpson (1908) and Bedrock (1912). She relocated to Detroit, Michigan, in 1912 and died there on September 7, 1916.


Josephine Louise Barry

These three photographs show Josephine Louise Barry (1910-1974) at various times in her life. The first image shows Louise wearing a WAVES uniform during her service in World War II. The second image, possibly, shows her at the Kansas Historical Society in February 1939. The third image is a formal portrait of Louise taken in 1972. A librarian and indexer at the Kansas Historical Society from ,(1936-1974), she wrote a number of articles on Kansas and Western History. Louise is best known for "The Beginning of the West: Annals of the Kansas Gateway to the American West, 1540-1854." She also wrote numerous articles pertaining to the Santa Fe Trail.


Zu Adams

Stone, George (George Melville), 1858-1931

A portrait of Zu Adams, librarian at the Kansas State Historical Society for 35 years. The original painting is in the Historical Society's museum.


Abzuga (Zu) Adams diary

Adams, Abzuga (Zu), 1859-1911

This is the fourth diary in Abzuga (Zu) Adams' papers from November 19, 1908 to October 9, 1910. It contains family, domestic and work news with several entries about building the Memorial building in Topeka, Kansas. Zu Adams was born in Atchison, Kansas, in 1859, and named after for her father?s mother who also went by the nickname Zu. As a child, she lived in various Kansas towns including Waterville, Wichita, and Topeka. In 1876, when Zu was seventeen, her father became Secretary of the Kansas Historical Society where she worked as his unpaid assistant. Later she was given a salary and the title of librarian. At the time of her father?s death in 1899, Zu and her late Father had hoped she would succeed him as secretary but when George Martin emerged as a candidate, Zu withdrew her candidacy. She worked as Martin?s assistant until her death in 1911. From her experience as a secretary, the diary contains sections of short hand unique to Zu and are left to interpretation by the reader. Zu never married, remaining in the family home and raising her younger brothers and sisters and Helen who she adopted in 1896.

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