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Joan of Arc of the coal fields, near Pittsburg, Kansas

New York Times

This newspaper clipping, from the New York Times, features a fourteen year old girl dubbed "The Joan of Arc of the Coal Fields." The daughter of a coal striker in southeast Kansas, she carried the American flag at the head of 6,000 marchers. The group of protesters marched through the coal fields showing their support for better wages and improved working conditions for their family members who worked in the camps.


William Marion Jardine

A photograph of William Marion Jardine who served as Secretary of Agriculture during the presidency of Calvin Coolidge. As one of the first Kansans to gain a cabinet level position at the national level, he was instrumental in directing a farm program that had become economically depressed during the post World War I period. Prior to his selection to this cabinet level position he had served as Dean of the School of Agriculture at Kansas State Agricultural College (Kansas State University) and subsequently became president of that institution from 1918 - 1925. Following his tenure as Secretary of Agriculture, President Hoover appointed Jardine as Ambassador to Egypt in 1930. Upon his return to this country in 1933, Gov. Alf Landon appointed him a temporary Kansas State Treasurer in the wake of the Finney Bond Scandal. Jardine resigned from that position in April 1934 and became the president of the University of Wichita (now Wichita State University).


Charles Curtis, Vice President of the United States

Portrait of Charles Curtis, 1860-1936, United States Congressman, 1893-1907, U. S. Senator, 1907-1913 and 1915-1929, and Vice President of the United States, 1929-1933.


Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis

This photograph shows a campaign poster promoting Republican nominees for U.S. President and Vice President, Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis. The two were elected in 1928 in a landslide victory over Democratic candidate Al Smith and running mate Joseph Taylor Robinson.


Kansas Senate 1925

Boeger, Topeka

This photograph represents members of the 1925 Kansas Senate Legislature with their names listed below their portrait. In the center is Kansas Governor Ben S. Paulen who held office from 1925 to 1929.


Charles Curtis

These three sepia colored photographs show U.S. Senator Charles Curtis campaigning for the vice-presidency of the United States. Curtis and presidential running mate Herbert Clark Hoover, were elected in 1928 by defeating Democratic candidate Al Smith and running mate Joseph Taylor Robinson. The Hoover-Curtis ticket sought re-election in 1932, but the overwhelming economic problems facing the country cost them the election to Democratic candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt and his running mate John Nance Garner.


Jonathan McMillan Davis

Photograph of Jonathan McMillan Davis, governor of Kansas, sitting at his desk signing a bill for eight months minimum school term.


Ben S. Paulen, Kansas Governor

This portrait shows the 23rd governor of Kansas, Ben S. Paulen from Fredonia, Kansas.


Dowthard Scott

A formal portrait of Dowthard Scott, who served in the 1925 Kansas legislature as the State Representative from District 22 in Cherokee County. A Democrat, Scott was a farmer in Weir, Kansas.


Wyatt Earp

This is an autographed photograph of Wyatt Earp signed "To my friend Fred Sutton from Wyatt Earp."

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