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Boswell Junior High School football team, Topeka, Kansas

This black and white photo depicts the football team from Boswell Junior High School in Topeka Kansas. The team members are identified by the following rows: First Row: Eddie Townsend, Paul Tholl, Charles Scott, Jim Weir, Pat Hutcheson, Galen Holston, Kirk Snyder, Bill Larson, Jim Sapp, Steve Dolan. Second Row: Ron Fraker, Paul Morehouse, Martin Cummings, Mike Oroke, Ken Dickson, Phil Davenport, Bob Davis, Dennis Wood, Rex Gentry. Third Row: Tom Gaddie, Mike Bolley, Orange Dean, John Armstrong, Rob Balsters, Ivan Johnson, Chuck Neff, Paul Gray. Fourth Row: Steven Dean, Hilo Smith, Richard Sicks, Marvin Lawton, Preston Carrington, Bill Barker, Galen Schwarz, Walter Hatke. Fifth Row: Bruce Dolan, Gary Hodison, Mike Hutcheson, Ronny Davis, Randy Holstrom, John Majorkurth, Robert Stevenson, Jim Perry. Sixth Row: Donnell Alston, Bill Stevenson, David Wesley, Bill Gilmore, Jim Holford, Leroy Lindsey, Bill Craig, Les Dodd, Steve Wilson, Jerry Holstrom.


Easter egg hunt, Topeka, Kansas

A photograph of children and adults at the Governor's Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Cedar Crest, Topeka, Kansas. Hazel Vivian Bowles Avery, Governor Avery's wife, is standing on the platform.


Quincy School Topeka, Kansas

Schrock, John Edward

This black and white photograph shows Mrs. Irma Barry's first grade class at Quincy school in Topeka, Kansas. At the back of the classroom, Valentine decorations are arranged on the bulletin board. A caption with students' names is provided in the lower portion of the image along with the date the photo was taken and the name of the school's principal Mr. Robert H. Loomis.


William Henry Avery

A photograph of Governor William Henry Avery with two young boys in wheelchairs. This photograph of Avery was probably campaigning for a second term as governor. He was born August 11, 1911 near Wakefield, Kansas, and graduated from Wakefield High School and the University of Kansas. In 1964, Avery was elected the 37th governor of Kansas. He served one term as governor, losing a re-election bid to Robert Docking in 1966.

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