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After the great war is over

This promotional brochure argues that the construction of good roads in the United States will enhance agricultural productivity and economic development in the aftermath of World War I.


Rural Electrification Administration, Brown County

Wiggins, Byron

These workers from the Rural Electrification Administration are putting in a pole, Brown County, Kansas. This was the first rural electrical line in Kansas.


Osborne Fire Department, Osborne, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows a group of firemen in their uniforms standing beside or seated behind the wheel of a fire truck in Osborne, Kansas. The second image is just the fire truck. Both images are, probably, in front of the town's fire station.


Kansas Emergency Relief Committee accomplishments movie

Kansas. Emergency Relief Commission

This motion picture film documents the various work projects completed in Kansas during President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. It begins with an introduction to the Kansas Emergency Relief Committee personnel, starting with the executive director, John G. Stutz. It then shows the various projects across the state, including the construction of farm ponds and lakes as part of the Water Conservation Program, the renovation and construction of courthouses, schools, libraries, and other public buildings, and the weaving and sewing rooms that produced clothing for needy Kansans. It also includes footage of rabbit drives, dust storms, and women sweeping piles of dust out of their homes. Click on the thumbnails below to play each clip. Click on Text Version for a detailed description of each chapter.


Comparative Cost of Travel

Promotional brochure exhorting the virtues of automobiles and trucks over team drive carriages in the hauling of agricultural products over good roads.


"Ship by Truck", Topeka, Kansas

This sepia colored photograph shows a farmer standing beside his truck filled with produce for a parade in Topeka, Kansas. On the runner of the truck a sign reads "Ship by Truck". The parade held in conjunction with the Kansas Free Fair was to promote motor transportation and good road day at the fair. Approximately 100 trucks followed the parade route from Eighth & Jackson Streets to the fair grounds to promote the importance of farm life and also the cheaper and quicker way to transport produce to market.


Neodesha Fire Department and truck, Wilson County, Kansas

Nine members of the Neodesha Fire Department Number One posing in and around a Webb hose and ladder truck, Wilson County, Kansas


Members of the Neodesha Fire Department number 1 standing on their hose and ladder truck, Wilson County, Kansas

This is a photograph of the members of the Neodesha Fire Department number 1 standing on their hose and ladder truck, Wilson County, Kansas. Pictured in front from left to right are: W. S. Pettit, an unidentified driver, Dr. C. O. Pingrey, and Fred Williams; standing in the rear are Ray Johnson and Robert Shipley. Dr. C. O. Pingrey is also Mrs. William J. Wertz's father.


Firemen, Kingman, Kansas

This photograph shows members from the Kingman, Kansas fire department gathered with their equipment in front of the Mead Automobile Company and REO dealership. On the left-hand side of the image the guns, bicycles & sewing machine repair building is visible.

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