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Public school in Leavenworth, Kansas

Whitaker, G.C.

A photograph showing African American students gathered outside of a segregated school in Leavenworth, Kansas.


One-Room School House, Sedgwick, County, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows a group of students standing before a one-room school house, in an unknown location, in Sedgwick County, Kansas.


Main building at the Industrial School for Boys, Topeka, Kansas

View of the main building at the State Industrial School for Boys in Topeka, Kansas. The school opened its doors in 1881 to educate young men who had committed criminal acts. The school was located north of the capitol building on about 170 acres of land that was given by the city of Topeka.


Dog powered churn

This color transparency shows a dog on a treadmill attempting to power a butter churn as a young girl looks on. The treadmill was manufactured by the Wheeler & Melick Company of New York.


Eudora School, Eudora, Kansas

Riddle, J. R.

Adults and a large crowd of children standing in front and to the side of a large, two story, stone schoolhouse in Eudora, Kansas. Note that the school was integrated, and that the boys and girls were grouped separately for the photograph.


School in a chuck wagon, Finney County, Kansas

This photograph shows Maude Elliott's first school building; it was used as a chuck wagon where two or three women cooked for a crew of men. The tent was their "living room" which could be as easily moved from place to place as the chuck wagon. A pair of mules was all that was needed to move Maude Elliott's school building around.


Sod house near Claflin, Kansas

An informal pose of two young boys without shoes beside their sod house near Claflin in Barton County, Kansas. A sod house was a common dwelling for pioneers on the Kansas prairie due to the lack of wood and other natural resources available.


Rhees Singley's sod house

This is a view of Rhees Singley's sod house near Plains in Mead County, Kansas.


Dog-powered travois

This is a photo of a drawing of two Indian children sitting on a travois being pulled by a dog. In the drawing as well is a woman walking alongside with a baby in a cradle board. They are probably part of the Kansa or Osage Indians.


William Allen White

This is a photo of William Allen White as a young child.

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