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Cowboys at chuck wagon on Bob Edgar's ranch, Clark County, Kansas

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

View of a chuck wagon and cowboys on Bob Edgar's ranch in Clark County, Kansas. Visible in the foreground are blankets and bedding spread on the ground.


Cattle branding near Arkalon, Kansas

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

Con Jackson (left) and Lee Larrabee (right) are branding and ear-marking an animal near Arkalon, Kansas. Two horses with ropes tied to the saddles are visible in the photograph. Jackson won the riding contest at the Cattleman's Convention in Wichita, Kansas, in the spring of 1901. A horse soon learns to keep the rope stretched tight so the animal has no ability to use the rope to jerk the horse.


Cattle in a fenced pasture

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

This is a view of cattle in a fenced pasture, next to a barn, on an unidentified farm presumed to be in Haskell County, Kansas. Also visible in the photograph are a man afoot, a horse-drawn carriage, a farmhouse and outlying farm buildings, and a man and boys astride horses.


Joseph Calvin Bradley in the grain office, Rossville, Kansas

Joseph Calvin (J.C.) Bradley was born September 12, 1862, in Decatur, Indiana. He came to Rossville, Kansas, in 1882. He married Ida Magill of Silver Lake on November 24, 1886. He became the manager of the grain elevator, served as mayor, played in the town band, was a founder of the Presbyterian Church, and was the first in the oil business as he delivered kerosene of the Standard Oil Company. He died August 22, 1940. This photograph is provided through a pilot project to host unique cultural heritage materials from local libraries on Kansas Memory and was accomplished by mutual agreement between the Northeast Kansas Library System, the Rossville Community Library, and the Kansas Historical Society.


Sears & Goodier Real Estate Agents, Oakley, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows real estate agents from Sears and Goodier. The group has been identified from left to right as follows: Rob Sears, Amil Lindgren, Herman Scott, John D. Giesler, John Gardner, N.P. Perryman, John Goodier, Col. J.J. Sears, F.E. Canan, Frank Rexroat, ? Moody, ? McColly.


Cowboys on the Salt Fork in Barber County, Kansas

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

Cowboys sitting on their horses on the Salt Fork in the western part of Barber County, Kansas.


Seeding Hubbard squash, M.G. Lee's farm, Finney County, Kansas

Wolf, Henry L. 1850-1924

The photograph shows men and children seeding Hubbard squash on M.G. Lee's farm in Finney County, Kansas.


XIT mess wagon, Channing, Texas

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

Members of the XIT ranch's round-up crew seated on the ground eating a meal near the chuckwagon. Also visible in the photograph are rolled up canvasses and horses. The XIT was the largest outfit in the United States, with 2 million acres of pasture land. This 1897 photograph was taken on the trail near their headquarters in Buffalo Springs, Texas.


Fred Tainter's ranch in Beaver County, Oklahoma Territory

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

View of Fred Tainter's chuckwagon with cowboys seated on the ground eating a meal. Also visible are horses and a herd of cattle in the background.


Funeral procession of William Schroeder, Alma, Ks

This is a photo of the funeral procession for William Schroeder as it was leaving his home on East Fourth Street in Alma. Herman Richter was a the funeral director when in this photograph from February 19, 1892. It was common in the 19th century for wakes and funerals to be held at the home of the departed. In small towns, undertakers were usually the furniture makers who also manufactured coffins. In Alma, both Richter and Hasenbank undertakers operated furniture stores. The procession is lead by a man carrying the U.S. flag, a drummer, possibly pallbearers walking, a horse-drawn glass sided hearse, and followed by horses pulling buggies. A few houses are along the street, including a stone two-story house in the background.

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